Take a Walk With Me Through My Gardens!

I love gardening, it is a passion of mine. I love getting outside with nature. Walk and work in my gardens. Planning where to put flowers and items I collect to place in the garden. I love old antiques, rusty items, bling, farm equipment and have a good collection of watering cans. I hope you enjoy my gardens as much as I do. It is an old Country Cottage Style garden.
Wild Blue Phlox
Wild blue phlox Spring 2014, This area of the garden has roses, iris, Speedwell, Hydrangeas,Red and Pink Japanese Fringe Bush, A multi colored Quince Bush, a huge collection of lilies many more plants. This part of the garden changes constantly throughout the year.
Bee Balm, Cannas, hydrangea and cleome.
This area was once our above ground pool area. It is now a sunken garden in my backyard with 4x8, 4x4 and 2x8 planters. The photo was shot from the garden looking up to another garden starting at and behind the garden house. It is a Country Cottage garden. I have been working and changing it many times since 1991.
Double orange lily
This is one of my favorite lilies and it spreads nicely.
Very dark lily
I don't know the name of this lily. Squirrels got in my gardens and removed all the name tags so I have no idea what I have. I just think the colors on this lily are magnificent!
Lily garden looking down at end of house
This is part of my garden next to the garden house. At the left of the picture is an arbor with Japanese Honeysuckle and a Chocolate Vine (can't think of other name) This is where all the wild blue phlox blooms in the Spring. I have wildflowers mixed in with these. Also have lots of red, purple and pink Columbine, Money Plant, Ajuga and Creeping Jenny as you go up the hill behind the lilies. Hydrangea Bush (Blue). My rose garden is also in here. When Fall is here, it looks totally different with all kinds of fall plants. Across from this garden all in front of the house is a huge area of Azaleas and Hostas and a pond. And it is line with huge Leylands. I call it my woods garden.
Peppermint Stripe Hibicus
I've had this plant for about 10 yrs. I divided it this past fall and got 4 plants from it. To the left you can see an old saw blade about 5' tall. It came from my father-in-law's saw mill. I have most of his old farm equipment scattered throughout the gardens.
Two toned daylily
I don't know the name of this lily but I love the stripes and two tones.
Tiger Lily
I have Tiger Lilies all through my gardens. They reseed nicely and I just love them.
100 yr old train station wagon and tire tulip
My husband brought this 100+ yr old train station cart which I think they put luggage on to place on the trains. My brother-in-law made me the two tulip planters from tires. I have a collection of succulents on the wagon and of course one of my glass totems. I have 30 of them spread amongst my flowers. I love bling!
My husbands work boot with hens and chicks
When I plant old boots they have to have good drainage, so I make up a mixture of potting soil, sand and small pea gravel and add the hens and chicks. I never water as they do well with just occasional rain.
Silver Dollar Plant with million belles
Silver Dollar Euclyptus with million bells petunia, coreopsis and purple agapanthus and a small wagon with succulents. This garden area has 2 huge fennel plants, zinnias, a large varigated holly, a drooping spruce tree, iris, Elephant Ears and so many more.
Lily garden
This is my lily garden next to the garden house. I have a nice swing hanging from the trees near it so that I can sit and look over my gardens.
Planted wagon
My husband brought home this little wagon for me, I planted it with succulents and added a red piece of iron ore to it. It is beautiful when it is in bloom, all yellow!
14" long wagon
My husband also brought this little red wagon home to me. I decided it would look nice with a variety of succulents and some cacti. Most of these have to be brought in during the winter so I put them under a grow light.
Tall white phlox
I have several different colors of phlox and just love them. They bloom most of the summer and when the flowers fade, I cut them off and they will rebloom up until frost. Then I leave the seed heads on for the birds to eat during the winter. Cut them back very early Spring.
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  • Cher Kalil Cher Kalil on Mar 13, 2015
    Your garden gets me excited for this snow in the northeast to melt to get out there. Last fall I toss my old work boots in the trash and went back out the next day to retrieve them to plant in as you did. Was going to plant a creeping sedum and wondered if I needed to drill drainage holes in the bottom? And because it's not in the earth will the plant live through the zone 5 New England winter? Do you know?

  • Carol Carol on May 31, 2016
    Congratulations on your gorgeous gardens, obviously a labor of love. Your talent and hard work are certainly paying off.