Four great low maintenance plant ideas for your garden

While beautiful landscaping can really add to the character and beauty of your home, not all gardens are practical for everyone. For those of you short on time, low maintenance gardens are essential to keeping your yard looking great, no matter how hectic your schedule gets. Here are a few plants you should keep in your busy arsenal.
Yucca plants
Yucca is great because it is a graphic plant. With its long, spiky leaves, it creates a visual punch. Beyond its striking profile, this plant is also a slow grower. That is great for those of us with little time for pruning. Yucca is also deer and drought resistant, making maintenance a snap.
Hens and chicks
This hardy succulent grows in a matt formation and is a great addition to any garden. Like Yucca, it is a drought resistant plant so regular watering is unnecessary. They also root readily and will spread and grow rather quickly.
Sweet Pea
This climbing flower will crawl around on trellises and garden walls with little encouragement needed from you. In addition, their blossoms give off a sweet fragrance. They don't have many issues with pests, but may be damaged in extreme heat, making this a better choice for cooler climates.
If your landscaping needs a shade plant, then hostas are a great option. Easy to grow with wide, glossy leaves, hostas add beautiful texture to shade gardens. They are edible, so if you live in a deer prone area, these may not be for you.
Hens and chicks suculent
Sweet Pea flower
Hostas plant

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