Asked on May 17, 2015

What is wrong with my succulent??

by Jennifer
My succulent plant was growing very nicely until recently. It doesn't look too good, the new growth is extremely droopy and fragile. What is wrong with my plant?!?
The old growth which is around the outside is still firm and stands up...
Meanwhile... the new growth is very pale and limp. 😩
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  • Charlotte Belange Charlotte Belange on May 17, 2015
    you may have used the wrong soil, or watering to much or the pot may be to full of plants or rocks. Call your local garden center or just take your pot in to them to look at it. Good Luck Char B YELM , WA
  • Barb Rosen Barb Rosen on May 17, 2015
    Oftentimes too much water will make your succulents droop. Also, let water sit at room temperature so you aren't shocking them with cold water. Here's some more info for you!
  • Did it get very cold recently?? Frost will do that. Too much water?? You should have drainage so it's not sitting in a pool of water. Did you repot recently?
  • Judy Judy on May 17, 2015
    Look for spider mites or aphids - both can do a number on succulents.
  • Bev Deardurff Bev Deardurff on May 18, 2015
    Succulents require bright to intense light. Did you use cactus soil? I started one. I need to put it in a south window for intense light, for bright light, south and west exposures, or a sunroom. It didn't help it any when the dogs stepped on it!
  • Nicolette T Nicolette T on May 18, 2015
    It looks like too much water, no drain hole in the pot or clogged? Consequently it probably got a fungus.( the right one anyways looks like it has) - the other possibility it got just a little too cold in the morning, if you have it outside.
  • Iberkeley Iberkeley on May 18, 2015
    I would repot and water sparingly; also, take off the soft (droopy) leaves and see if you can recue it.
  • Lanie Twigg Lanie Twigg on May 18, 2015
    Too much water
  • Pam Ewing Gibson Pam Ewing Gibson on May 18, 2015
    The haworthia does not like full sun. It wants a dappling of morning sun. Avoid direct sunlight. Water every 1 to 2 weeks sparingly. Don't forget to fertilize once a month quarter strength. This little one looks like too much water. Gently cut off the dead or droopy branch and go on.
  • Beryl Beryl on May 19, 2015
    I agree with the too much water answers.
  • Patricia Claudia Sarto Patricia Claudia Sarto on May 22, 2015
    Too much watering...plant probably rot