Asked on May 13, 2019

How can I make my hoya bloom?

by Nikki

Please can anyone help me with my hoya plant! It was a cutting and is about 6/7 years old, she grows and grows leaves, but does not want to bloom! What am I doing wrong???

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  • Lizbeth Lizbeth on May 14, 2019

    The link Chloe provided is very good. My guess would have been fertilizer that is too high in nitrogen (the first number in the three numbers on fertilizer-- nitrogen promotes foilage growth)

    It's a beautiful plant even not blooming!

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on May 14, 2019

    A 2-3 year old hoya that doesn't bloom probably needs more sunlight. Try moving him to a brighter (indirect sun) spot that gets a few more hours of light. Don't water until totally dry and use water that has sat on the counter 24-36 hours to get to room temp and remove chlorine. Water in the morning only. Use basic houseplant fertilizer and use after a thorough watering to protect the roots.

    Do know that some species of hoya do not produce blooms or at least not conspicuous flowers. If there are no flowers on Hoya, it may be that you have one of the non-blooming types or (more likely) some cultural defect is causing the plant to fail to flower.

  • Terri Terri on May 14, 2019

    I have a 10 year old HOYA and sometimes it blooms only a single flower as it did this year 2019. However I have had seen blooms in the past where there were several and the aroma was amazing. Be patient...she can be slow to bloom. I gave a cutting to a friend 2 years ago and she finally has a bloom. Good luck!

  • Tracey Tracey on May 14, 2019

    I have had mine for about 15 years. I was told the secret is not to move the pot and do not fertilize it. Let it dry out. No chlorinated water. Works wonders.

  • Mango Mango on May 14, 2019

    My Hoya took 2 years to bloom & 2 years to root another plant from a cutting! I gave the tiny plant to a friend who lives in SW Florida! It is gigantic & blooms constantly!

  • Lucinda Lucinda on Jul 16, 2020

    Sadly my Hoya was once a full pot now is down to only two branches have tried everything what can I do to save him

  • Janice Janice on Dec 19, 2020

    Nikki, you know the ugly long stems it puts out that have no leaves or maybe one or two near the plant, that is where your blooms will be. I don't see any on your plant. If you are cutting them off don't . I only water mine when they are really dry. I am a lazy gardener and a procrastinator maybe that is why mine bloom. I also have a sun porch with overhead glass and the temps don't get too cold or hot. That helps too.

    Lucinda, your plant needs more sun. Put it near a window or glass door. You might want to put it in a smaller pot.

    I am not an expert this is just where mine are and they bloom and grow. The lady that gave me my start said mine grow better than hers.

  • Gail Gail on May 30, 2022

    One thing you need to make sure of is after it has bloomed do not cut off the spot where it blooms from. It will continue to bloom from that very same spot time and time again. My mother thought they were dead and cut them off my 30 year old plant and it didn’t flower for the next six years. Prior to that it had anywhere from 30 to 40 blooms at a time. Hope that helps

  • Pat Shaw Pat Shaw on Nov 25, 2022

    I have my grandmothers Hoya that is over 100 years old. We have discovered the secret to make it bloom - stop watering it ! My mother had it for years and was told it would bloom every 7 years - nope. We went on vacation and came home and it had bloomed and dried up and the tiny flowers were on the floor - my mom sat down on the floor and cried over the blooms. She did see it bloom later but after it was given to me when mom passed away we have seen so many blooms and they are beautiful they are tiny little flowers in a little group that look like velvet - my hubby waters and takes care of it since I seem to kill plants. Every once in awhile he forgets to water my Hoya and it blooms like crazy. I have counted up to 30 blooms on it - only problem- they have a pungent aroma !