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This green plant has come up where I know I didn't plant it and I kept thinking it was a flower but no flowers have appeared so just wondering if anyone can tell me what it is. It's over 5 ft. tall and the greenery is frilley and would be a great greenery for flower arrangements. It has frosted several times but is in a spot that is sheltered somewhat but it is going to get cold soon and will stay that way so just wondering if it's something that I want to try to keep or not. Now would be a good time to move it if it is something that I should keep so please let me know what you think it is.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 27, 2015
    Do you see any signs of bud formation?

    • Brenda W Brenda W on Oct 27, 2015
      @Janet Pizaro I kept thinking there was that's why I have left it alone. I don't know if it will have time to bud now or not.

  • Z Z on Oct 27, 2015
    It looks like Dill by what I can tell by your photo. It can grow to five feet tall, so it is a possibility.

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    • Z Z on Oct 27, 2015
      My first thought was a fern too, but there's also a fern leaf dill. I've never grown dill, so it's only a guess from the picture.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 27, 2015
    Unfortunately I can't pinpoint the greenery. Its very hard by a picture sometimes, but Im going to take a guess anyway Im thinking along the the lines of wild aster because of the foliage.Do you perhaps have a reputable nursery with qualified associates that could help you identify.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 27, 2015
    Also is this fragrant?

    • Brenda W Brenda W on Oct 27, 2015
      @Janet Pizaro I haven't noticed a fragrance but when the weather lets up I will pinch some off just to see and maybe I can drop by the nursery and they may know.

  • Donna Demmers Donna Demmers on Oct 27, 2015
    looks like overgrow asparagus

  • MishMac MishMac on Oct 27, 2015
    Try downloading the free apps " garden" or "garden answers" -- you take aphoto of the plant and it identifies them

  • Charley_Drumm Charley_Drumm on Oct 28, 2015
    It looks like a "weed". I see it a lot in the DALLAS TX area.

  • Patricia Norman Patricia Norman on Oct 29, 2015
    I think it is wild asparagus.

  • I do not know the name of this weed but I can tell you that it will not flower. My neighbor thought it was cosmos or some other flower but when it did produce a 'bloom' it was a white speck and not the pretty little cosmos she thought it was. Pull it out. It is not a flower and it is invasive as I have seen in her garden

  • Michelle Michelle on Oct 31, 2015
    My Grandmother used to call it "wild dill." Don't know if it is or not, but when I break off some of the leaves, it usually has a nice aroma.

  • Pat fotheringham Pat fotheringham on Nov 05, 2015
    We had one in our yard. It's a weed. Very hard to get out,it has long roots.take out soon as possible.

  • Stephanie Stephanie on Nov 11, 2015

  • Zaba Zaba on Nov 11, 2015
    Weed, i had the same thing come up in my flower bed.

  • JoAnn Dibeler JoAnn Dibeler on Nov 17, 2015
    I was hoping to get a definitive answer myself. I have a number of them closer to Houston, TX but the first one that came up got very tall and each year it came back and got fuller. I loved it. It does flower in the fall but tiny, tiny flowers that make it look all furry all over. It finally got so big and heavy that the feathery spikes started falling over and when I went to cut them off some time later I found that they had started to root! At that point I did cut it down but the next spring I had to dig out the large tough root. I now have them out behind the shed in an unused area and I believe the tiny flowers turned into tiny "dandylion" like seed puffs that blew over there.

  • Stephanie Stephanie on Dec 01, 2015
    Well I read somewhere a weed is just a flower that you don't want

  • Sylvia Sylvia on Jan 12, 2018
    don't know but I have it too