Asked on Aug 06, 2016

What's wrong with my dwarf sunflowers?

Asha Ravada
by Asha Ravada
Hello everyone- I learnt that I had purchased a dwarf variety of sunflower only recently (not sure how, but anyways) and after a first set of blooms they are not blooming like before ! Any ideas will be great! Thanks in advance!
This was before
This is now- please advise!
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  • Sue Kiene Sue Kiene on Aug 06, 2016
    my experience with sunflowers is that most of them send the flowers and then that is it. Teddybears are one of the exceptions to that. Mine should be starting to bloom soon and they will bloom pretty much thru fall. Yours look kinda like vanilla ice and are very pretty.
  • Chris Kachel Chris Kachel on Aug 06, 2016
    Have to agree with Sue, most sunflowers are once and done. If they're even remotely rebloomers, they need to be "deadheaded", that is, spent flowers have to be removed to continue the bloom and not allow seedheads to form. Of course, you kinda want the seed heads for the seeds so it's your decision . Cute minis tho'.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 06, 2016
    Most flowering plants need to be dead headed to produce more flowers.From the photo the color of the leaves are very pale which means the soil is lacking nutrients.
  • Gina Gina on Aug 06, 2016
    Mine did the same exact thing. Very disappointing, but now that you mention it, the tall ones only bloom once as well.
  • Sunflowers bloom then wither and the plant dies. Since your plant looks healthy, I would cut off all dead blooms and just see what happens. Do not be surprised if you see sunflowers popping up in other areas of your garden! You can easily and gently dig them up and put them in a pot or relocate to a more desirable location. They are quite hardy. I have seed bird feeders and their favorite is black oil sunflower seeds. All spring, summer and fall I have sunflowers popping up all over my tiny yard. Some I leave alone, some I move. Also make great flower arrangements. Hope this helps!
  • Donna Donna on Aug 10, 2016
    I had the very same experience with my dwarf sunflower in a container, which I bought already potted this Spring from Lowe's. It looked like the same variety you have. It was gorgeous and in full bloom when I bought it. I did deadhead the eventually fading blooms, as I do with all my annuals that require that to re-bloom well, fertilized with a blooming plant formula, and made sure it got adequate sun and water on my deck. A few puny buds seemed to be forming after awhile, but never opened, and not one more flower appeared. Now it looks very much like the sad one pictured above. So disappointing!! I've had several volunteers pop up under my black oil sunflower birdfeeders too. One is blooming now and is at least 5 feet tall. Guess it never dawned on me that they bloom only once, with whatever buds that are present at that bloom time opening and flowering, and then that's it for the summer. I'd have been better off leaving the flowers alone and letting them produce seeds, which they were of course trying to do. At least the birds would have benefited. I'll know better next time.
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    • Or you could do what my mom did. She planted dead flowers. Yup, you read correctly. We had stuff coming up all over the place. She would tenderly dig whatever it was and relocate if need be. We all thought she was crazy, but the garden always looked great. Now I find myself doing some of the same things she did. Some come up, some don't, but at least I tried. And I will not yank out stuff willy nilly until I know for sure what it is. The wildlife provided me with a free fig tree among other things, and I have lots of patience. :-). Happy gardening!
  • Sue Klinedinst Sue Klinedinst on Aug 11, 2016
    Very pretty at the store. Once everyone realizes they are once and done they will plant seeds the next time. You could always stick in some fake ones from the dollar store. I used fake flowers on my covered porch that does not get much sun or rain.