7 Home Improvements That Can Boost Your Mood

Having a bad day? Believe it or not, home improvement might be able to turn things around.
When we say “home improvement” we’re not just talking about inspecting your furnace or staining your deck – we mean enhancements that you can make to your house that will change your day for the better! While you can’t always avoid a bad day or fix every bad situation, the state of your house is one environment you can control.
Here are seven simple, feel-good improvements you can make to your home: http://bit.ly/1mYRnUr
1. Free Up Some Space
An easy way to boost your mood is clearing your home of items you no longer use. Free up some space by clearing out your closet or finally getting rid of that ice-cream maker. You’ll reduce clutter and lower your stress levels at the same time.
2. Rearrange a Room
Rearranging your furniture is hands down the least expensive way to restyle a room. You can create the feeling of a “fresh start” without spending a penny on remodeling! Tip: Before you start, have a plan and map out a few places where larger pieces can go.
3. Paint an Accent Wall: http://bit.ly/1mYRnUr
Painting one wall in a room – an accent wall – has a big payoff because it doesn’t require nearly as much work as painting an entire room. Bonus: the color of your walls can play a positive role in you feel at home.
4. Change Out Door Knobs
Spice up your room (and your mood) by installing stylish doorknobs. Glass, flower and geometric shapes are all readily available and inexpensive. Don’t limit this to your front door – we mean any doors with handles! Tip:For inexpensive, stylish options, check out Etsy.
5. Fix One Item in Your Home
Pick one item in your home you’ve been meaning to fix. Add it to your ultra-prioritized to-do list or fix it right away! You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment once it’s taken care of. Some easy-to-fix offenders are: loose doorknobs, burned out light bulbs, torn window screens and squeaky doors.
6. Pick Something to Upgrade
By “upgrade” we don’t mean “buy new.” You can transform everyday objects with a splash of paint or even just some scrap fabric. If your side table has too many scuffs and scratches to count, drape a patterned scarf over top of it. If your bedroom could use a pop of color, paint the trim of the door. The possibilities are endless!
7. Clean Your Home: http://bit.ly/1mYRnUr
Seems obvious, right? Sometimes the simplest solutions are right in front of us. Deep-clean your house and get tough on clutter. The less clutter you have around your home, the better you’ll feel.
More tips and tricks: http://bit.ly/1mYRnUr
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