Part 1 Guest House Renovation

The guest house on the property we purchased was a cool idea, but needed
"alot of help". In the picture the carpet looks
alot better then in person! This guest house was built in the 70's from a previous owner.
We took out the nasty carpet and put down vinyl flooring. It came in a big roll and you literally lay it down like carpet and razor blade where you needed to cut! No adhesive or anything! And then nail down 1/4 in round floor trim all around and...DONE! Seriously the easiest stuff ever! Everybody who sees it on person is shocked how cool it looks and so easy to sweep and spot mop these floors! PS. I asked my husband what it was called (due to the several requests) and he looked at me like I was an Alien. He said "seriously?"...We did this renovation 2 years ago. So I deeply apologize for not knowing what it was called. But we did get it at Home Depot and I bet if you show them the pic, they can help you.
It did not have any type of *bar" area so I attached 3 iron shelf holders and painted (grey and cream) 2 boards to match the counter tops that I talked about in "Step by Step faux granite countertops" post.
Here are the brackets and the 2 chairs that came from Good Will for $10 and I just touched them up a little and added cheap chair pads.
I have had this Thomasville armoir for over 20 years and painted it with a foam brush with applications of wet and dry brushing and just kept going till I liked it.
All the panel curtains were just yards of fabric and attached with a staple gun. I also stapled single "silk" hydrangeas at the top of the panel to hide the staples from hanging the panels.I wanted them to be stationary so yep, I stapled them at the bottom (from behind so the staples wouldn't show) also so they would always look "perfect" and never need to be "straightened" up...clever!

The coffee table that I refurbished

as seen in my post " A RIPPED Apart Pallet from My Husband's Warehouse"
Peel n stick faux marble floors in the!
And did the same paint treatment (with some darker colors) as the kitchen counter tops as seen in my "Step by Step Faux Granite Countertops" post.
I painted the cabinets the same way I did in the kitchen.
"WE" opt to not put a eating table in this space. Our guest will NOT be cooking and when we have gatherings we either eat in our dining room that I posted about in

"An Old House with a Hidden Gem" or at the outdoor kitchen, or the Man Cave.

We did opt to put a refrigerator in there, so that is nice to have for a "midnight snack" or drinks. (easy access) :)

I have "edited" this part, due to some of the ridiculous comments about having a "bed in the kitchen"... I was told that it was "tacky" I was told that "my guest probably do not like it either but just deal with it, since it is only temporary" what?!... The nerve of some people, wow! But the majority of the comments were very sweet and positive. I am fairly new at this, so I am learning there are "those type" of people that feel they must say something rude or snarky. Unbelievable I would NEVER say anything rude on someone's post, when they are excited about their accomplishments and want to share with others that enjoy decorating and sharing tips and ideas. This is a guest house for our friends and family to stay in. Some come from out of town and some stay due to "having a few more drinks then expected" we do throw a lot of parties in the space we created as seen in my post "My Husband's Man Cave Where Everyone is Welcome" Part 1 & 2. This is NOT a Bed & Breakfast, just simply a private, cozy area for our guest.
There is a bedroom, also Please search "Part 2 The Guest House Renovation" I apologize, I do not know how to do "links"

Thanks for reading!

Have a productive day!
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  • Donna Cuccuini Donna Cuccuini on Jan 07, 2016
    What is the name brand of the flooring? So pretty😍👍🏻

  • Kel5387951 Kel5387951 on Apr 04, 2016
    guest house redo I cannot find the Part 2 to this redo and would like to see it

  • Kel5387951 Kel5387951 on Apr 04, 2016
    When I asked for Part 2 I forgot to put my email address if you have it I would love to see the total finished product

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  • Drd4223999 Drd4223999 on Mar 24, 2016
    I think you created a very warm and inviting place for whoever is staying there. It shows you care about their comfort. Just try to ignore the negative comments, and stay with the board. I really enjoy it when someone shows their projects! Thanks for sharing

  • Shay Shelor Shay Shelor on Jul 21, 2016
    I am waiting for my invitation:). I love it! Thanks for sharing and give me about a weeks notice please> Thanks, Shay S.