Please share your input to turn our house into an eye-catching home!

I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. After years of saving up, we are finally ready to inject life & energy into the front of our house. :)
Here are a few of my 5,459 questions:
Do I replace the porch supports/columns with metal (similar to the existing ones) or do I update to the white, solid, paintable supports? Square? Round?
The foundation of the house is being painted a darker charcoal color: the existing steps and porch will also be painted with _____________ color.
Should the shutters remain? If so, what color should they be? If not, I am fine with that as well. :)
The mailbox (we refer to it as I-lean), house numbers and outdoor light will all be changed out----I have no idea what style, size, color to go with??? Help….please? :)We will be hanging the new mailbox somewhere around where the current house numbers are mounted. The light will stay in it's current location---how would you recommend that I hang the house numbers and mailbox? Should the house numbers be mounted on a porch support?
Front door---the existing storm door and entry door will also be replaced. If there were a brand new door hanging there, primed and waiting for a color of your choice, what would you recommend? What style of door should we lean toward?
A quick profile---we are big fans of craftsman style homes (I know, our's isn't even close! lol). We are unique, love to be different, are open to eclectic styles and color combinations. Our favorite colors are all shades of purple and lime green. :) We would love to have our house "stand out" from all of the predictable houses in the surrounding neighborhood. One thing I'm not crazy about are red doors---I think they're beautiful, but they just don't reflect who we are as a whole. :)
Thanks a million for sharing your insight, opinion and various ideas. I believe that once I receive enough input from so many of the nice people here, that we'll be able to move forward with confidence and pure excitement!
Have a great day & take good care. :)
q please share your input to turn our house into an eye catching home, curb appeal, home improvement, home maintenance repairs, painting
q please share your input to turn our house into an eye catching home, curb appeal, home improvement, home maintenance repairs, painting
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  • Linda Holland Linda Holland on Apr 14, 2015
    I would go with the bigger columns and paint like the trim. Possibly white. I would ad an all glass Storm door, so you can see your front door which there are so many styles out there. I would chose one with windows, will give light inside the house too. As for house color I would ride through your area and see what POPS out to you. Landscaping would add greatly to your home. I would come out from the house say even with the porch on both sides and around the porch..

  • Darla Darla on Apr 14, 2015
    Larger columns and trim will make your house look more substantial, and white or a very light color is good for trim. If you like purple, why not paint your door that color? I like doors with small windows in the top. If you like craftsman style, rectangular windows might suit you. You could paint the shutters to match the door or the trim; make them either much darker or much lighter than the walls.

  • Katrina Warren Katrina Warren on Apr 14, 2015
    @Laughter222 Since you are fans of Craftsman style, if it's in your budget, I would expand the porch & roof to the end of the house. (if that isn't in the budget, I would still do the following) Use solid square columns with a stone or brick veneer at the base of them, as well as on the foundation, & possibly below the large window as well. For the door I would go with something that had a smaller rectangular window with maybe some cut glass in it, if a storm door is necessary I would go with a solid glass to show off the door behind it. I would put the house numbers on the column next to the steps, or on the wall beside the door. Colors... That's really a personal preference I think & if it makes you happy, it's the right color! I would probably either go with a dark eggplant purple or lime green for the door. Most craftsman styles I've seen don't have shutters so I would probably take them off, but keep them handy until the makeover is complete so I could decide then if I wanted them or not. Good luck, I'm sure it will beautiful whatever you do!

  • Little Susie's Cottage Little Susie's Cottage on Apr 14, 2015
    PORCH COLUMNS: your house has enough boxy-squareness, compliment that by adding big white round columns on the porch that are bigger than the white parts that are in-between your bay window panes, if that makes columns that are a good 9 to 10" or so.....that will beef up your porch and make your entry-way the focal point, and tie your adorable white bay window into your could then wind flowering vines like roses or morningglories up your lefthandside column! how pretty would that be to have red or pink roses or purple/blue morning glories climbing up a white column, pure romance!!.....SHUTTERS: keep your shutters, they add to the cottage charm and make your house adorable! and if you take them off, it will make it look like you stuck a bay window on to the side of a random house, and you'll loose your ''cottage charm theme'' want to use your existing features to play up the cottage charm!...SHUTTER COLOR IDEAS: paint your shutters a color that is the same darkness or way lighter as they are now to keep them a strong feature! colors to paint your shutters that would look awesome with your house siding and new charcoal colored foundation paint would be: Burgundy, Turquoise, Light french blue, Black or deep Brown, Green?? I'm not sure how ''White'' shutters would look, so that is why i don't suggest ''white'' for them...but any of those other colors would work really pretty, just make sure it's any color you love....PORCH COLOR: i'd paint your steps and porch a very light color or mocha or classic light porch gray, so you can see them easily in the at night, dark colors on sidewalks and steps are hard to navigate in the dark...........PORCH APPEAL & USE: you could add gingerbread trim in between your 2 columns and on the sides of your porch to add appeal, iether now or in the future to REALLY play up the cottage cuteness....but before that, you could add a cute outdoor wicker or wrought iron, some comfy little porch couch to sit on, and small coffee table on the lefthand side of your front door so you can sit out on your porch and enjoy it....i'd hang a wreath or a star if you like those big u.s.a. stars, over the couch....i'd move your mailbox to either the righthand side of your sidewalk, OR better yet, out to the road :) play up the octagonal part of your porch by planting boxwoods, azaleas, privet, whatever grows easy in your region....something that would look pretty in snow, following the shape of your bay window....curve them underneath it to follow it's shape! cute!....then make a flowerbed in front of it to put seasonal pansies in winter, impatients in spring...whatever you love in your flower bed under your bay window.....then on the lefthand side of your house, where that raindownspout is, plant a big evergreen...and run some cute evergreens or whatever you love as a little hedge on the lefthand side of your porch under your ''shutter window''.....i think that is all teh stuff you said....i can't see your ''light'' to know where it is or what ideas to say for style of it.....Beautiful ''welcome mat'' and hang some birdhouses and flowering plants around the top of your porch and enjoy your new decor!............

  • DF DF on Apr 14, 2015
    My eye sees all the heaviness of the bay window on the one side... Maybe a larger tree/tall plant or even a bench with tall trellis behind it opposite bay window? I like idea of enlarging posts and storm door. Best of Luck!

  • Moxie Moxie on Apr 14, 2015
    How exciting! You have really thought about this and making your dreams come to life will be a fun thoughts on your questions: Front Columns: I would put in square wood columns and use Alum. white column wraps for low maintenance, long lasting added appeal. Porch Fnd: I would continue the foundation color and stencil the actual walking surface of the porch and treads of the stair with a white pattern you love and a boarder stripe. Use porch and floor paint if you do Shutters: I would leave them and paint them to match the foundation paint Mail box & #s; if you have the option I would use a wall mounted box with numbers above on the house at a downward angle left to right Front Door: I would use a white storm with full glass and door painted to match the foundation/shutters in a faux shaker type door with stained glass type window film to add depth and character or real stained glass if you can Curb appeal: I would add foundation plantings and perhaps brick pavers on each side of the walk and then a narrow, maybe 1' mass planting of your favorite color & white flowers Additional thoughts: I would add a planter box on the window to the left of the door, perhaps a white picket type railing on each open area on porch and a cool chair that speaks to your tastes Just my thoughts -- good luck and would love to see picks when your are done!

  • Barbara Ritchings Barbara Ritchings on Apr 14, 2015
    porch swing,window boxes?

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Apr 15, 2015
    Keeping a budget in mind .... Can't see width of wood running under porch roof so I'd watch the scale of it compared to the roof compared to the pillars you decide on. Think I would do a modified California pillar (right side of landing looks a bit tight for space) top part painted white and bottom a charcoal/grey mix brick/stone veneer. I would paint both the front door and storm the same colour - perhaps a red-orange or blue-green. Would keep the shutters and keep the same colour but do white on the actual trim. (I'd also paint the bottom board white on the big window.) I'd do the concrete a similar colour to keep the focus on the front door. Agree the left side of your home needs some landscaping to balance the large window on right.. Perhaps a pyramidal cedar and a bulky bush. I'd edge a curvy line from both sides of the house to the sidewalk and put in a variety of perennials of different heights . I'd definitely replace the mail box. I'd mount a black mailbox, house number and light fixture all to the left of the front door. You may have room for a chair and small table on the landing or a large deco pot for real/artificial arrangement. So easy to offer advice!!! LOL

  • Leslie Hahn-Waldrop Leslie Hahn-Waldrop on Apr 15, 2015
    I would go with heavier square wood posts stained (stain comes in all colors that paint does but wont peal...just do touch ups if ever needed....get oil based stain because you wont need as many coats!!!!) House numbers could go under your porch light going up and down in black so they show up! Paint the shutters. You said you like purple maybe paint the shutters and door a deep careful with the color although you said you want to stand out! Purple and green looks good together just get paint swatches to find ones that look good together...for a house i would go with go with more of the tone down frosted colors rather than the bright ones. You need to balance out your house. Its heavy on the big window/door side. Put or do something on the empty space on the porch and porch wall. This is going to be such a cute house when your done!

  • Sherry Wilson Sherry Wilson on Apr 15, 2015
    I agree with the bigger post for the porch. Needs a "POP" of color, maybe the trim or door and shutters. Some flowers or colorful bushes out front.

  • Christine Tripi Christine Tripi on Apr 15, 2015
    I would add heavy square posts of wood and white fence coming between the posts, leaving the entry by the steps open. I would paint the fence white and the posts. I would mount a mail box on the left side of the front door and get rid of the leaning post. I would paint the porch flooring to match the shutters and I would change the color of the shutters to match the roof color. I would repair the broken walk way...looks like it is cracked. Then create a garden with some evergreens with perennial flower in front of the evergreen bushes on either side of the front and in front of the porch. I would replace the screen door with a full view door so it looks more inviting. Maybe paint the front door a solid color like red or blue to contrast the brown trim and add a swing or chairs and coffee table to the porch. You could also have some hanging baskets with cascading flowers if you like to garden...fresh herbs are a very invite aroma to guests coming to your door. If the budget allows I would plant some fast growing trees on either side of the front lawn closes to the sidewalk the shade from the trees provides natures air conditioning and keeps the hot sun from coming through your front window and fading your rugs and upholstery fabrics. Good luck to you, I am sure whatever you decide to do will make your cute little house look special.

  • Cindy Fahr-Webster Cindy Fahr-Webster on Apr 15, 2015 this website allows you to design what colors u would like to try .

  • Cindy Fahr-Webster Cindy Fahr-Webster on Apr 15, 2015
    it has siding colors and shutter colors and trim colors. That way u can see what you want

  • Donna Swain Donna Swain on Apr 15, 2015
    I agree with others in changing the porch columns to wood. I would add flower boxes underneath the windows and definitely add some shrubs on the front of the house.

  • Croweec Croweec on Apr 15, 2015
    Trace the photo of your house using tracing paper, then make several copies. This will let you play around with your ideas: keep the shutters or not, colors, columns, etc. I would keep the shutters - they balance the bay window - and paint the house a light warm gray with white trim, then paint the door a bold color: turquoise is a particular favorite of mine might not be yours. Have fun with this!

  • Mary Ker Mary Ker on Apr 15, 2015
    The biggest impact you could make might be in some dramatic landscaping. The most amazing house on the block would look dull in this plain yard. That said, i find the proportions of the porch relative to the windows unappealing. If you change that (I'd go about a third less wide), you will have to change the roof, and that opens up all kind of possibilities for novel and exciting design options.

  • Suz1442129 Suz1442129 on Apr 15, 2015
    I would be very careful to coordinate the house colors to roof color. If not a home will look jumbled up. Your roof looks brown from the picture so I would choose paint chips that look good with that color. Coordinate storm door color to front door color so it is seamless and not an eye grabber. Same color is great. You can paint the storm door with metal paint to match front door. If funds allow I would consider a rocked look around columns. Faux rock looks very real these days. Great if you could extend porch to end of house to balance bay window and give you an outside area to enjoy. Rocking chairs on porch would give a honey look and feel. So proud of you for saving for this project. What a good example to your kids!

  • Buster Evans Buster Evans on Apr 15, 2015
    I like the charcoal foundation color, You could paint the fronts of the steps in the same color and then the tops of the steps and the porch in a lighter gray.. also you could bring the light gray down the fronts of the steps (about the width of the door mats) to give the appearance of a carpet, and paint the sidewalk the same light gray. and to really look fancy the edge of the sidewalk on either side could be charcoal, giving more defination to the carpet effect. maybe even a black line between the charcoal and the gray. Since the trim on the bay windows is white I would paint the shutters to match that as well as the gutter, and the facier board just below the roof.all the way across the house and the porch... as far as the columns go wood columns would be nice but what ever you decide they should be the white to offset the charcoal and gray. A new post for I lean straightening her up & new house numbers . border plants that bloom will also add beauty.. something short so as not to cover all the paint contrast you do (if you do). All this is JUST ideas, Its your house, Your canvas, and whatever you do if you dont like it you can change it later.. Have fun

  • Peggy Peggy on Apr 15, 2015
    Very rough sketch. You would have to move utility to extend porch...just a quick idea...

    • Laura Laura on Apr 15, 2015
      @Peggy Like your ideas. Would paint shudder white though. Purple isn't my favourite colour but any bright colour would probably work great.

  • Linda Linda on Apr 15, 2015
    Oh, my! So many good ideas! I would definitely extend the porch to the left if your budget allows, and I agree about the larger porch columns. I like the idea of a wall mounted mailbox, but be mindful of the swing of the storm door in that direction. Landscaping will be another great addition. Please keep us 'posted'.

  • Christina Christina on Apr 15, 2015
    I'm with Linda, extend the porch all the way across the front with maybe a crossed porch fence. Good luck

  • Vickie Macfarlane Vickie Macfarlane on Apr 15, 2015
    First you need a change in the roof line over the porch. New windows maybe, a new front door is necessary. A different color house and trim. Landscaping will do wonders. Have fun! There is nothing like updating and the satisfaction that comes from doing it yourself.

  • Cindy besio Cindy besio on Apr 15, 2015
    Peggy has the best idea. If you take the porch across in front of the bay window you'd have to take the porch out too far so you could sit in front of it. The porch would be huge an engulf your tiny house but on the flip side if you wanted extra living space that would definitely do it. The porch would be so deep and the roof over it you'd have to declare it on your taxes. A porch that big would change your look into a craftsman. If that's what you like and you gave the money then do that. It will increase the value of your house a lot. The is much involved, the railing in front, the square brick or stone pillars if not wood painted, lighting, ceiling is beadboard, furniture and plants in front. Go on line and look at traditional and current craftsman homes. If you like them send the picture around to many contractors along with a picture of your house and see what kind of quick estimates they come back with. Make sure you tell them you are getting multiple estimate and will not go for the lowest but the best. Also tell them not to spend much time. If you have a budget let them know. Some will send it back and at the budget is too small that's ok you don't need someone like that to work with anyway. You'll find someone. I always do it just takes so doing. Call or email for any additional hints or help.

  • Carol Stehling Carol Stehling on Apr 15, 2015
    Since you like craftsman style houses, check out some and take bits of that style to incorporate into your house. Here are some suggestions: paint the foundation the same color as the body of the house so it blends in rather than stand out. Get a craftsman style front door and paint it lime green - that would be fun! The house could be a light brown (craftsman style). Get a craftsman or even mission style porch light (maybe a little larger) and put house numbers below it. Put in rock pillars 18 - 24" square and 36 - 42" tall with a wood post on top going to the porch roof. Have fun with your project!!!

  • Margaret Margaret on Apr 15, 2015
    Find out where any and all lines (water, sewer, electric, phone) are buried before you plant anything. :-)

  • Judianni Judianni on Apr 15, 2015
    You are going to have a sweet cottage home!! Smart of y'all to have saved the money to fix it up...Enjoy the process. My suggestions are, first, stay within your budget. Then I would do as most comments suggest: Keep the shutters; add sturdy, square columns, poly or fiberglass which won't ever rot; If you have the money then do extend the porch (but not the roof) unless your budget is pretty sizable!! If the budget won't support a new porch roof, a stripped awning would be wonderful and add great style! A cute chippendale style rail and handrail on on the steps would add a nice accent. I love the color of your house. If it were mine, I would paint the trim including the gutters at the roofline and the trim at the windows a soft cream color or white if that is your preference. The shutters and front door I would paint either black or the same charcoal as the foundation...I believe black would be best. Black house letters, mailbox and light fixture. Any "color" you want can come from a couple of chairs in your favorite color on the porch and blooming plants. Keep your foundation plantings easy to care for. Do research online and go for evergreens which flower, maybe azaleas, gardenias, lorapetalum (a small variety!!), or the everblooming KnockOut roses (you can trim them any time of the year and have blooms ALL summer but NO leaves in the winter which might not be so pretty) or just go with boxwoods and add color in front with flowers..i like dailyness in any color. Look on Houzz for pictures of landscapes and flower beds for zillions of beautiful inspirations!!!! Best wishes for a beautiful update, its going to be smashing!!!

  • Mabeline Mabeline on Apr 15, 2015
    If you can, expand the porch to the full length of the house and add some substantial columns; paint the trim jet black and door brick red. Then landscape and make the entrance sidewalk path curvy.

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Apr 15, 2015
    I like the idea of expanding the porch/roof.......because your house appears white...on a budget...the drawing by a great idea. Put a little swing on the end of the porch. Maybe a railing by steps to match the new posts. Sometimes square large posts modernize while round make it look more Victorian...cottage like. Paint or lay the easy stones on front of porch where concrete is match siding. Mailbox if you can't put it by street, put one on porch or build one on side of steps, square under the it is not visable. .landscaping makes a world of difference. If you can can bit curve the sidewalk, you can line it with weathered brick. Shade trees and shrubs that look nice in winter too...have fun...darling house

  • Judy Judy on Apr 15, 2015
    Extend the porch flooring out to make a deck. Use 6x6 for posts to hold up roof and corner posts for your new deck. Paint shutters and door a cheery color. Use same color in seat cushions. coordinate another cheery color for mailbox and flower pots on deck. Maybe a stone lined planter bed around new deck and walkway. Keep lines on stone soft large curves.

  • Mkrousseau348 Mkrousseau348 on Apr 15, 2015
    Paint the garage doors, replace posts with solid, more substantial ones, paint shutters, door, and trim a nice green or other color. Paint the house taupe. It looks like the hous e across he street from me..

  • Casita Casita on Apr 15, 2015
    Well your house is lovely and it could easily be uplifted with just a few additions but it seems as if you are ready to roll. My suggestions are as follows and are based only on what I see.: -I would move the mailbox to the end of the walkway. I would also put in a new post and a new box and use the area at the base of it to plant annual flowers. You could then add house numbers to the new post on the mailbox. I love your bay window and would opt to go for a simple boxwood hedge that follows the curve of the window. I would put the hedge in and then put a curved border in front of it and backfill the area in front of your new hedge with either white stones or black river stones to match the charcoal paint at the base of the house. -If you have bank then maybe you could adjust the roofline of the overhang and add a small eyebrow window. just to give the roof some pizzazz. -You could opt for white VINYL columns to uphold the porch but be careful with the sizing because you don't want to over power the cottage feel of the house with columns that look like they belong on Tara from GWTW. and then add a simple railing to enclose the porch. If those are wood planks that serve as your front porch I would probably opt for painting them a lilacy purple (find a paint fan deck that contains craftsman colors and go with something you like). -I would replace the door with a craftsman style one with reeded glass so you get light but privacy and paint it an ochre color or a muted lime green. I would tackle the concrete pathway as well. Again if you can swing it, I would see if you have a contractor who could maybe patch it up and paint it or break it up and put in bluestone pavers or relay new concrete but stamp it and color it to look like pavers. -the shutters should match the door and if your windows are wood or vinyl you can paint them to match the base of the house. -You can also build a low planter under the smaller window that runs the length of that part of the house and put in some hardy perennials, grasses or dwarf evergreens. -I am not a fan of the house color but I think you can place pots of color on the porch and let them speak your style and use the color of the house as the backdrop. You could also dig out areas on either side of the walkway and fill them with annual color with a few perennials that will mature. No matter which way you go, you will get there and it will be fabulous.

  • Connie Connie on Apr 15, 2015
    Wish you could add a new front porch with a gable that would begin where your current one does and cover the small window on the other end. That along with a new door and perhaps shutters on the small window would make a dramatic difference and provide a porch large enough to enjoy. Look at lots of pictures and see what you can come up with. Hope all goes well.

  • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Apr 15, 2015
    I would extend the front porch out to the end of house and also forward for more space. Then I would add a modified A-frame roof to cover the porch adding a ceiling somewhere in top of roof so fan could be installed for those hot sultry evenings. I would not use the small space on the side of the door near the bay windows, instead the support pillar would be to the (facing) left side of the front door and at the other end of the porch. If that didn't work I would make the supports very narrow so wouldn't interfere with the bay window. The mail box is very distracting so would probably move to the end of the sidewalk. Also would add a railing stopping at the stairs. The meter could be relocated by utility company and if still on front porch it could be hidden by a plant or porch furniture. If you don't like a railing you could put big pots (spaced) with either small shrubbery or flowers. Paint your front door a bright color as it should be the focal point and eye should be drawn to the entry. If you painted shutters this would detract from the front door. Don't know what is behind the window but it could be enlarged or removed.

  • Judy james Judy james on Apr 15, 2015
    It may be extreme but have you considered changing the porch to a gabled porch. It would require roofing work but the whole look of the house would change. I'm sure your return on investment would be worth it.

  • Tracie Davis Tracie Davis on Apr 15, 2015
    If you can't extend porch I think the mail box could be on the left of you door. Numbers above in a plain but big style. The shutters could be painted a beautiful rusty orange the same as the door? The metal post I know nothing about but it would look nice with the orange wooden post to the it all together. Just my crazy idea.

  • Karen Young Karen Young on Apr 15, 2015
    I agree with so many about making the porch a gable and extending the porch to the edge of the house. It would balance your bay window. I would get beefier columns and add window boxes under the window and around the bay window. Put your house numbers and mailbox between the door and window to help balance the door looking like it has been stuck on the corner. If you like craftsman style, making your new porch look craftsman with an open gable with heavy rock or brick columns at the base with 6 inch columns above that. As much as you love bright colors, consider resale. Maybe make your pop of color in your shutters, door, and flower boxes

  • Susan Susan on Apr 15, 2015
    Extend the porch, move mail box to near curb, but check with mail carrier where you can move It. Change roof line. don't paint dark color, let color come from yard. put planter boxes in. new door

  • Brittany Larissa Punches Brittany Larissa Punches on Apr 15, 2015
    Instead of adding much (if any) length to the porch, I would add some height! A small gable with thin painted columns--the same colour as your shutters, which, by the way, are darling--would really brighten up the whole space without eating up the square footage and making it look lopsided. The blue-green that you have would look lovely accented by a few pops of purple and bright green! Adding in some hardy plantlife around the edges of the porch-like tall bright grasses, hostas, and pretty purple flowers would give the curb appeal a real vitality. I'd recommend the box stay in a similar position, but facing outwards, but the house numbers next to the door (another great spot to add a fun colour!). It'd be lovely to see a classy looking outer door, as well. That can give the house a lot of presence. Choosing the overall colour would be between any of your accents, though keeping the idea of white in the frame would help it blend in with the windows and keep it from looking shadowy. The left of the door would be a nice space for a little sitting area-a rocking chair or tiny table and chair in a fun colour! Finally, the light would be adorable as a box lantern style. It would tie in so well with the framing of your bay window and would still hold it's own among all of that colour with a simple white shape. Thank you for reading! Good luck!

  • Betsy Woolford Betsy Woolford on Apr 15, 2015
    I think a purple door would look amazing. Paint the shutters the same charcoal as the foundation and put the house numbers under the porch light. Make the posts hefty and paint them the color of the window trim. You have a cute house. Good luck with your updates.

  • Aleshabillie Aleshabillie on Apr 15, 2015
    After reading through what you're talking about, and realizing that you like purple and lime green, and want your house to stand out (and with those favorite colors it will! ;p ) may I suggest something a little more over the top for, but still in an acceptable fashion: I know you said the foundation was going to be painted a charcoal, but may I suggest white? I know, it will get a little more dirty, but bare with me. Paint the house a light to medium gray, add a front door with a lot of light panels, maybe a six pane, and keep it white also, and then to stick with your purple, why not go for a normal slapping screen door over the front painted a light, pastille purple? I would keep the shutters, and possibly paint them white as well. For you landscaping, why not plant hosstass (please excuse the spelling) all the was around the front and to the front porch? They grow with big green leaves, and they bloom purple flowers. These are obviously just a few suggestions that might match your style :) I hope you can take something from it.

  • Carol Carol on Apr 15, 2015
    Hi. Did you know you can sand and paint the shutters, I have done it a few times. Also I see your house is a light brown/beige color, take a look at paint charts that show your house color and other colors that compliment the house color. You can also paint the front door one of these colors. For the porch supports I would choose white pvc, because they don't need painting. I would also get a matching whit pvc mailbox post. I hope this helps

  • PattyV PattyV on Apr 15, 2015
    if you have money I would suggest extending overhang to left. If that's not possible, maybe a trellis toward the left, extend the porch to the left. Place a rather boxy evergreen on the left end of house to balance bay window. If you like lime green, I'd paint house lime green with shutters and door in a complimenting purple. Use cream color (with a green hue) on boxed pillars.

  • Joyce Howe Joyce Howe on Apr 15, 2015
    Some landscaping would make it more attractive - and wouldn't cost a lot....some mulch and foundation pants,,,

  • Lindcurt Lindcurt on Apr 15, 2015
    To balance the front of the house with the bay window, plant a large circular bed of hostas or vinca minor around a small ornamental tree. I would use a redbud in KS for the purple color but do not know if it will grow in MI. The porch posts should be built with 4x4 wooden posts painted white. Use 3 posts on each corner. Set them about 12" apart. One towards the steps and one behind the corner post toward the house. Use 1x1" lumber to build trellises between the posts. Possibly with a Craftsman flair. Build a long narrow planter box between the porch post and steps that is 24" high. Paint it white and embellish similar to the post designs. Repurpose I-Lean to the back yard for small garden tool storage. Attach a top opening mail box onto the end of the planter box by the stairs. Paint her lime and she could be named Ida-green. Buy a new white, narrow framed storm door to show off your purple door with the lime green house numbers on the left. A white Craftsman style light would help to lite up the night. A small low hedge below the bay window (boxwood?) would disguise the look that it is floating off the ground with out adding too much bulk to make it look larger. The new charcoal gray paint color on the porch would allow all the whites, purples and limes make your house the one that stands out in the neighborhood.

  • Donna  Oliphint Donna Oliphint on Apr 16, 2015
    I would definitely extend the porch and overhang to the end of the house. Make overhang a gable like others have suggested to "raise" the façade of the house. Add stronger columns. Remove the storm door and paint the door and shutters. I would like a lighter color on the house. Maybe a lighter mocha or taupe with lime shutters and door. (Be careful not to use too bright a lime. Grey it down.) Definitely add a lot of landscaping under the porch and bay window that carries the purples you love along with creamy whites.

  • Sally Sally on Apr 16, 2015
    Without question the I-lean needs to be moved (love the name). Quite a bit can be done through landscaping to balance the facade on your home. Changing the sidewalk to curve around to the left of the front porch, remove the existing steps (duh) and put in new ones at the end. Planting a narrow evergreen at the far left corner of the house to add interest combined with planting beds to soften the front would help. There are a lot of great lime green plants to sprinkle throughout. How about some lavender to carry through the purple? Don't like the overhang on the porch at all. Looks like a an after thought. I'd take it off and build a flat lattice or grape stake cover instead and extend it (the porch cover not the porch ) to the end of the house. I'd support the roof with square posts. I'm partial to staining the posts so the wood looks natural. I'd do the same with the porch floor, if possible. Plant purple clematis to climb up and over. Add some type of feature with a couple of chairs(Lime green with purple pillows?) to the left of the porch and new steps. Paint the house light grey and the foundation charcoal and the rest of trim white. Keep the shutters they are great. Paint them lime green. Paint the front door purple. Experiment. Go with your instincts. It will be great.

  • Jenny Simon Jenny Simon on Apr 16, 2015
    Extend the porch, extend roof to match. Then the bay window becomes a feature. Use an eye catching colour for front door eg. Turquoise. Square posts. Voila!!!

    • Barbara davis Barbara davis on Apr 16, 2015
      I second this. But be careful about the shade of Turquoise. Play with some samples first. It should be beautiful but not scream louder than the rest of your new look.

  • Tracie Davis Tracie Davis on Apr 16, 2015
    I would paint the shutters and doors rusty orange. The number your house should be big and simple. The mailbox can be attached to the under the home numbers. A little landscape would help curb appeal also.

  • Jennifer Smith Jennifer Smith on Apr 16, 2015
    I would keep the house neutral colors & accent with color. I would use a taupe color with the charcoal. I would use your fav color on the door, shutters. You mentioned purple & I think it will mix well with charcoal & taupe< I suggest eggplant color.I would use large numbers<eggplant color or gold style> for address on the front of the house with a mailbox also. I would suggest using the square columns to keep with the square presentation of the homes <shutters, windows, and door> and use white, because you have white on your window frames. You could extend the porch out on both sides using wood decking. The bow window is nice , but french styled doors would look fab. I would also take the storm door off and replace with a solid wood door with windows or use the eggplant color. Finish it off with some landscaping. Good Luck!

    • See 1 previous
    • Jennifer Smith Jennifer Smith on Apr 16, 2015
      @Jennifer Smith also a new porch light, depending how high you extend the roof line up with the new posts you could have a grand entrance and use a hanging porch light. If not just a nice one on the front by the address and mailbox. Hope to see your new house posts when it's finished.

  • Lindcurt Lindcurt on Apr 16, 2015
    Better homes and Gardens magazine site has some Craftsman home-style ideas. You might find some inspiration there. They featured some homes with pergola- like porches. Very Craftsman but probably requires a big budget.

  • Dianemarie Dianemarie on Apr 16, 2015
    Don't forget the landscaping. Not just lined up under the windows. The front walkway can be enhanced with perennials and an ornamental low tree. An English garden comes to mind.

  • Denise Leinicke Denise Leinicke on Apr 17, 2015
    Shades of my past. I live in this house on streets of the exact same house. Needed to change the look. First I added a garage. Needed it for storage. These houses are small and had no place to store seasonal decorations, craft supplies, garden supplies, etc. Then ran an enclosed porch all the way across the front, from garage to other edge. Love to sit outside but live on the river and the bugs eat you alive. Construction done, now starting decorations. Having so much fun. First, the house now more meets my needs. Second, now the gardens will more match my personality.

  • Dawn Corrigan Dawn Corrigan on Apr 18, 2015
    Here are few ideas. Since your siding is a cream color, I would paint the foundation a chocolate brown, as well as your storm door. Paint your front door, shutters and mail box a burnt orange. Turn your mail box so that it faces the street and place your house numbers on the house in a creative way beside the door high enough big enough to see from the street without straining to make out the numbers. Use about 3 boxwood shrubs under the bay window with some type of tall thin bushes at each corner of the existing porch. The boxwood shrubs would also look nice going down each side of your sidewalk leading up to your porch. They can be trimmed and kept separate or planted closer together and after some growth be trimmed into a long hedge. Then depending on your light/shade % on the front of your house go to your garden center and find some perennials that won't get taller than the boxwood shrubs you have under the bay window. I know you said your favorite colors are purple and green, but I'm not so sure that's how you want your house to stand out. Maybe use those colors inside somehow. Hope you like, good luck!

  • Sue Ryan Sue Ryan on Aug 16, 2016
    Since the house is beige and brown. I would add a cool color. I usual add shutters but in you case I would remove it because of the location. Adding a railing would help. And of course landscaping will go a long way.

  • Lainey Howell Lainey Howell on Oct 14, 2016
    I would modify the roof line by exrending it over the side windows and resizing the porch all the way as well. The house looks as if it is frowning, so, while extending the length I would make it a small gable to open the eye of the house. Then I would put a non-invasive railing, metal probably, with wire stringers around the porch and down the steps. Then I would pick an accent color, maybe a bright golden yellow, for the door and shutters. You can carry this color inside and include it in your underplantings around the porch and the landscaping that will follow the sidewalk. Then I would accent that marvellous bay window. Using sheers in your bright color family, even those with a pattern that can be seen through the windows; or interesting objects or plants on the sill if there is room. Get away from dull by psinting the exterior a warm grey or tan, and trimming out in a warm grey. If you'd like to keep the columns, leave them on either side of the steps and put a third one on the far left corner of the porch, and run the railings from column to column with small supports in between. Paint the columns white. Add an interesting coach light beside the door. Put that intrusive mailbox somewhere else, such as the front of the sidewalk with a white post and some short perennials, and some climbing vines like roses,t that can br trained to drape over the mailbox to add character and color. I would put tall cedars on either side of the bay window, with smaller bushes in a round shape I between. In front of that, use small creepers like junipers". All of the will be green year round and will provid a great base for seasonal decorations. I would also reccomend that you replace the roof with grey instead of the brown that doesn't work with your color scheme.

  • Judy james Judy james on Oct 15, 2016
    As a builder I would remove the porch including foundation. Add a new foundation with brick piers going only half way to the left window. Add a gabled roof with at least a 8/12 pitch covering the bay window and front door. Bring it out about 3 extra feet so you can walk in front of he bay. Beef up he columns a lot maybe put brick column bases and steps to get a bungalow look. Move mail box and paint the front door bright maybe orange. Big project. But with little $500.00 landscaping could increase value 20 to 25 thousand.

  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Oct 29, 2016
    I like what Sue Ryan posted with the landscaping except the tree against the corner of the house. Trees tend to scratch up the paint. I also would go with a full glass storm door. Paint current metal supports black and enclose the bottom half for a planter. The railing with flower box is a nice touch. Take the mail box out to street and add numbers to side. Reflective numbers are good.

  • Coco Coco on Feb 19, 2021

    Would love to see what you have done with this little diamond. Six years later I can only imagine how cute it is. My vision would be to remove the original porch and replace with a full wooden deck with either a pergola style covering or extend the existing roof line. Shutter the window, add a hanging bench and lots of boston ferns. Paint your front door a pop of your favorite green but put a cute little wooden cottage style screen door in front. An old realtor hanging sign post would work great to secure a mailbox too. Two faux dormers on the roof would add a whole new look. Strategically curved flower beds and off set evergreens and tall grass borders would be the finishing touches. Hope your loving your home.