Why can't we get an hourly price-Like painting wall paper

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  • Judy Ferrell Judy Ferrell on Jun 26, 2017
    Because it may take longer depending on the problems that may occur.

  • William William on Jun 26, 2017
    It Limits Earning Potential.

    If they charge by the hour, it will only be natural for them to work less efficiently than if they had priced on a per job basis. And given that they only have a certain number of hours available in the day, they are essentially capping their maximum earning potential.

    If on the other hand if they price on a per job basis, they are limited only by the speed in which they can complete the work. They work more productively, and in turn, will earn a higher equivalent hourly rate.

    Some jobs can be done in a few hours or even less depending on the experience and seasoned contractor. For example, most painters charge a flat rate to paint a room. They get the same amount no matter how long it takes. Plumbers, on the other hand, charge by the hour because they don't know what problems may arise. Wallpaper hangers usually calculate their pricing by square footage taking into account windows and doorways.

    Also the job is dependent on how many workers will be involved.

  • Emily Emily on Jun 26, 2017
    Wall paper should not be painted over. It makes later removal of the wall paper very difficult. Maybe that is the reason you can not get a quote.