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As some of you Hometalkers are aware, hubby and I have been slowly remodeling our strange little kitchen in our mobile home. Here's the lastest project.
Hubby and I bought a whole mess of these beautiful tempered glass panels from an auction. There's 75 of them that we picked up for $100. Definitely an impulse buy without any idea of what use they could be but they were so pretty, we could not resist. Because we have an open cooktop, I knew I needed some kind of a backsplash so glass panels here we go!
We measured the countertop and unbelievably, the glass panel fit pretty good ( maybe an inch and a half extra on each side). Hubby and I love the modern industrial look so we started this project with 2 zinc aluminum shelf brackets that measure 8" by 10". We didn't care that the brackets show because it goes so well with our kitchen theme.
We drilled them into the underside of our soon to be replaced ugly Formica using 1 1/2 inch wood screws.
After securing the brackets, we simply set the glass panel inside the brackets and lucky us, a beautiful new backsplash!
We've got some plain glass that's about 1/2 inch thick that we may use to close in the sides but we have not decided yet. What do you guys think? Leave the sides open or close it up? All comments are appreciated ☺☺☺
Suggested materials:
  • Tempered glass panels   (From auction 75 @ $100)
  • 2 Zinc aluminum shelf brackets   (Home Depot)
  • 8 woodscrews   (Home Depot)
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  • O.shag O.shag on Feb 13, 2018
    Looks neat as it is. What are you planning on the doing with the rest?

  • Marrianne Rudy Marrianne Rudy on Mar 21, 2018

    What kind of countertop is that below the tempered glass? Looks so mid century modern.....I love it! Thanks! :)

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  • Wendy Wendy on Jan 14, 2018
    Wow, your kitchen continues to amaze me!

  • Pjc1411821 Pjc1411821 on Jan 15, 2018
    Leave them open. I Have temper glass behind my cooktop and love it. Very easy to clean. Gotta be careful with pots though cause it does crack!