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I've been working on renovating our house coming up on an entire year right now. There have been a LOT of setbacks, lots of deaths in the family and a lot of down time recuperating from all the emotional havoc that's occurred over this past year. I'm slowly getting back on track and have now completed an update on our kitchen corner cubby. I turned it into our Coffee Corner!
Here's what it absolutely originally looked like. Cute, but needed something.
So I decided to take the lovely leaded glass doors off from the top, along with the solid wooden doors off from the bottom and paint the interior one of my own mixed teal colors, all from acrylic paint; the kind of paint that needs zero prep work with the exception of a wipe down. Pretty and fresh!
Then the wood work went white, too. ALL of the woodwork in our home turned white, along with my husband. Lol! (We had hand stained and polyurethaned EVERYTHING when we had our addition put on, so it was an extremely difficult transition for him.)
Here's how it looked when it was initially finished. But our oldest son kept pushing me to paint the interior black, a color I had chosen to paint all of the other cupboard interiors in our kitchen; but those doors were still on. I hesitated to have an opened black cupboard in our kitchen, thinking it would appear way too harsh and drastic. Yet I yearned for another project and color challenge. :) So I began and decided I would turn this little corner cubby into our coffee station.
Here it is in progress.
Here's the end result.
A closer look of the lower portion being used as our coffee station. I even found a little black push pedal garbage can at Five Below to put there, as a trash receptacle for all the coffee pods and tea bags. So cute!
My absolute favorite part is this wall decal I found on Etsy that matches perfectly to....
this little area rug I found on Amazon. Omg, I am definitely one for consistency and matching and everything OCD. Lol! So these two little finds were the definite green light for me. :) I am a very happy morning coffee drinker now!
Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic paint   (Hobby Lobby and Lowes)
  • Wall decal   (Etsy)
  • Area rug   (Amazon)
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