DIY Concrete Kitchen Countertop Tutorial

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Ready to get started on your own concrete kitchen countertop transformation? Here’s how to make concrete countertops.

Here are mine! They turned out great and the process was really not too bad!

Start by cleaning up existing kitchen countertops. Just some cleaning spray and paper towels should do the trick.

Sand the countertops with coarse sandpaper.

Mix up a small amount of Ardex Feather Finish.

Working in small sections at a time (maybe 1’ x 1’), spread concrete over countertop surface.

While you don’t want to run your trowel over and over the same concrete mix (it will start to dry out, and your efforts at smoothing everything out will be thwarted), I found it to be a good idea to drag my trowel in the perpendicular direction after a section was covered.

Using the smaller putty knife, spread concrete on the edges of the countertop.

Let dry. Keep in mind as you’re going that any irregularities or imperfections can be sanded out later on

Wrap your sandpaper around a sanding block for greater control and smooth sanding

Allow everything to dry and fully cure. See more details on the link bellow!

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  • Teresa Blethen Teresa Blethen on Feb 12, 2020

    can you list products needed to do job

  • DC DC on Mar 02, 2020

    I have always believed that if concrete was too thin, it would crack with any sort of stress. I am wondering, how have your counters held up? Any cracking or chipping with everyday use? I like the concept and seems cost efficient too.. but is it a long term solution

  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 02, 2020

    How thick did you apply the concrete and how long till it is fully cured and can have a finish coat?


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  • Illona Illona on Mar 03, 2020

    One of my daughters did this, then the rest of our family ran away with it. We've added dye for different colors or variations. I love any imperfections because it is supposed to be concrete. I haven't had mine as long as my daughters, but for such a low cost, I don't mind any upkeep. Much better than looking at laminate, and for under $75!!

  • Lorraine Kist Lorraine Kist on Apr 02, 2020

    I LOVE this & is MUCH easier than a solid piece. I would love a follow up showing the finishing process! But seriously love this & the ease of doing!! Good job!!