Grass Beachy Bar Stools

Decided I was tired of these plain, old, boring barstools. I wanted something beachy... something different. Maybe something never been done or seen before. Am I capable of doing that?
Before: boring, white barstools
So, I painted them this cool beachy blue. Yet, it was still so boring, and not at all what I had wanted for different.
Step 1: Paint blue
Still there needed to be something different to make these stools stand out. What I did next was a step out of the box
Step 2: Secure Skirt
I used a grass table skirt with seashells to give it that extra look that would be different, unique and one of a kind. I first, tied it securely around, and made sure that it would stay with hot glue.
Step 3: Enjoy
There you go! This is what it ends up looking like. If you like this, go DIY. Easy, different, and fun.
2 Beachy Bar Stools
A view from the top.
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