This is my first time uploading here goes.

What can you do with an old solid pine glass cabinett...a vintage shell
belt from the local second hand clothing shop..a bright cheap plastic
flower necklace that arrived from ebay and looked alot nicer on the ebay
site !...some plastic fern from a fish tank silk craft
flowers...odds n ends..beach shells..broken jewelry...
You can make this french povincial dresser..I have done this to so much of
my furniture...I chuck Pva glue,grout n any sealer type paint ,I
have...even Bond crete into a tin of flat white ceiling paint..I paint
without sanding adding coffee...herbs...coloured spices to each layer of
I just pour some of the paint into differant old containers and add coffee
to some in differant strengths,curry in another,sage even dill
weed..experiment its great fun...I just keep painting random until I get
the chalky, shabby, chippy, look I want..Then I glue on the bits n pieces,I
drizzle hot glue in a pattern all over,forming a vine with need
to be neat, just enjoy it...its just art not life or death.
Then start blending paint over the shells and glue patterns.Then bash up it...scratch it,use a kitchen scrubber to rub paint
off in certain areas..after that dip a tooth brush in gold paint, splatter
it over the cabinett..use a fine brush to touch raised areas of hot
glue.and shell flower motiffs,with the gold paint..I buy the more expensive
spray can of 24 car gold paint and spray a bit in the lid and dip my fine
brush in it..You dont use alot and it lasts many projects,so I always keep
a can around.
I removed the glass panells before I painted, as Im not a precise person
and splash paint around...I work wet on wet and mix hair wax with the paint
and even full goss paint in cream and clear varnish,I even rub organic
coconut oil in differant places..I just enjoy the whole experimental
Painting like this has helped me achive ornate french style furniture at
little cost.My method wears well and survived my kids and now grandkids...
My furniture is unique and has a story..I can find a painted crystal earing
whos partner got lost, that was a anniversay presant from my husband..or
broken vintage pieces from my mothers jewelry...rings my girls grew out of,
I also make plaster and resin flowers and bunches of grapes in molds,they
all get stuck on furniture no matter there colour and painted over..
I often fill in gaps between flowers with plumbers expanding foam.The
reason I love my art is that I dont have to shop for things..I look around
my home and use what I find when Im in a creative mood...old key ends may
be poking out from under shell flowers or a gem or pearl from broken
jewelry..even broken handles of china cups are tucked in under flowers or
poked into the plumbers foam and painted over...So go ahead..experiment and
feel the exhileration of a unique piece of furniture art and a talking
piece...I some times melt candle wax with olive oil,coconut oil,tip in a
few spoons of walnut stain varnish,solid furniture wax, nothings
precise.Then buff up
Sometimes the paint crackles or wrinkles but these just add ruffage for the
stain varnish I wipe over it somewhere along the process to pick up, little
nooks and wrinkles like dirt has built up over the years, i often wipe
walnut stain varnish over the whole paint job wiping off as I go, so it
seals and just lightly colours the white paint and grabbs the cracks and
I finish of sometimes with old rags and the home made polish from above,I
rub it all over then polish it up....This isnt needed as the quick wipe
over of the gloss walnut stain seals the chalky paint and makes it
Just mix your sons hair wax with some strong coffee and wipe over a piece
of wood...just see what you get..start experimenting with old left over
paints..mix oils in with flat..throw in some wood glue and some plaster or
grout and just paint... Im the Origional Seaweed Woman...who isnt on but loves being me and just creating,I hope you give this a
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