Can't decide: Granite or Quartz kitchen countertop?


We are in the process of re-doing parts of our kitchen and cannot decide between counter tops. My husband prefers the black granite, while I am beginning to like a white quartz with maybe some glass colored stones.

My question relates more to care: Anyone have either of the two surfaces, and what do you like and hate about them? How easy are they to keep clean? Is there anything I should know about how to clean quartz countertops? Do you have to polish them dry with a towel each time? Can they air dry? I'm worried that the black granite might show more streaks unless wiped dry each time.

q granite vs quartz kitchen countertop, countertops, kitchen design, This is one of the white quartz I was considering
This is one of the white quartz I was considering.
q granite vs quartz kitchen countertop, countertops, kitchen design, This is the black pearl granite my husband prefers
This is the black pearl granite my husband prefers.
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  • Peggy Peggy on Jan 29, 2015
    I spray with a granite cleaner and wipe clean with paper towel. I never use soap.

  • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 29, 2015
    Thanks Peggy. So you do this every time it needs a cleaning after every use?

  • Karen Karen on Jan 29, 2015
    I have the Quartz and love it. I have a small galley kitchen so like the smaller pattern. To make it shine I need to dry it and sometimes use the special cleaner or murphys soap. Do not have to do anything else, very easy. It is also easily repaired if you get a chip, with epoxy

    • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 29, 2015
      @Karen. Thank you for your input. Good to know about the repair kit.

  • Lucy Nunn Lucy Nunn on Jan 29, 2015
    I warn everybody that black counters will be much harder to keep shiny-clean. They show every wipe unless you constantly use cleaner and a clean towel. I know people love the look, but the extra work isn't worth it to me anyway.

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    • TDeren TDeren on Jan 29, 2015
      @Hope53 Black granite is the hardest to keep clean. It shows everything! If you want granite, get something with a lot of pattern or flow.

  • Sigrid L Sigrid L on Jan 29, 2015
    I have a light colored quartz with mica specks in the kitchen and love it. Just wipe down and towel dry...done. No worries about sealing or staining. And it's anti bacterial as there are no little cracks and crevices for food to get caught. We also have under cabinet LED lights and the mica specks really sparkle. Adds a little bling to the kitchen at night :) I have granite in the bathroom and have to seal occasionally and clean with granite cleaner. A little more work, but it's the bathroom, so not as much countertop.

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    • Sigrid L Sigrid L on Mar 11, 2015
      @Hope53 Forgot to mention, we also wrapped the the quartz onto the wall up to the cabinets instead of using a backsplash. The look is very seamless and clean.

  • Jerri McClennen Jerri McClennen on Jan 29, 2015
    I've never had granite counter tops but last year I put in a white quartz that has some light grey in it & I love it. It's been indestructible & very easy to clean. You don't have to worry about hot pots or spills. I added a blue/green glass subway tile backsplash.

    • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 29, 2015
      @Jerri McClennen. Sounds nice. I also like the fact that you can put hot food on it.

  • Mary cynova Mary cynova on Jan 29, 2015
    Go with the quartz. Granit needs sealing twice a year, it can stain, and you can't place any hot things on it..maryc

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    • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 29, 2015
      @Mary cynova. Thanks for the advice.

  • Lesley Lesley on Jan 29, 2015
    Go with the quartz, its easier to keep clean (yes, the black shows smears from wiping and also dust in hard to reach areas.) Also, I don't know about you, but I like light in my kitchen and the difference this can make is amazing. PS have you thought about white granite? I had something called Kashmir White granite in my previous kitchen, it was whitish with grey, black and brownish speckles/streaks. I loved it as it didn't show marks at all BUT you did have to be careful about beetroot and red wine stains, you had to make sure you didnt let them sit for any length of time.

  • Beverley Mills Beverley Mills on Jan 29, 2015
    I LOVE my black ( with shiny colored stone ) quartz counter tops. Find them no problem to keep clean and shiny and I am cooking all the time. I would never change to granite !

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jan 29, 2015
    What color are your cabinets? That would decide it for me since you are looking at two extreme opposite colors for the countertops. Dark cabinets? Go with the light countertops. Light cabinets? Go with the dark countertops. Both granite & quartz are wonderful, easy to clean & maintain. I just put in butcher block countertops (instead of stone) and love them!

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    • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jan 29, 2015
      @Hope53 I would go with a light colored countertop - either stone will work and both are great. I have had both and loved them both.

  • Pgl Pgl on Jan 29, 2015
    An in-depth look at the pros and cons of quartz As with granite, quartz countertops also have their own sets of drawbacks and benefits that go along with them.Quartz countertops are just as strong as granite but have the added benefit of being more flexible. This makes them easier to work with during the installation process.Quartz is non-porous and does not require any sealing – ever. These stones offer a virtually no-maintenance material solution for countertops.These counters are also very durable but they cannot be considered indestructible either. They are stain-resistant as well so dropping a glass of wine on them simply requires a quick cleanup.One drawback that you should definitely take note of is these counters can discolor over time when exposed to direct sunlight. If you have a part of your counter that receives some of the UV rays from the sun while another part doesn’t, over time you may see a color difference.These countertops need to be professionally installed and quartz is even heavier than granite.You can expect to see seams with a quartz counter but they will be less visible if you choose a slab that’s darker in color. As well, the seams are easier to hide when you choose quartz because the counter has been colored and manufactured. If you buy a quartz countertop in a solid color, it’s much easier to hide the seam to a certain extent. With granite, the natural veins and colors in the stone will never allow the seams to appear less visible.The benefits and drawbacks of granite Here are some of the most important drawbacks and benefits of granite that you need to know:The appearance is not uniform. These stones are coming right out of the earth and are not perfectly designed by nature. For some this will be a benefit while others will consider it to be a drawback.Granite countertops will need to be sealed before they are used and this will need to be repeated year after year for as long as you own the countertop. Granite is a porous stone and can only be considered to be stain-resistant if it has been sealed properly. While some people only seal their granite countertops every 3 years, it’s best to be safe and to do it yearly. If for any reason the sealant on the counter gets compromised, your countertop can get stained.Countertops made of granite are extremely durable but should not be considered to be indestructible. It is a natural rock and can break or chip if subjected to heavy abuse. For regular day-to-day activities though, and with proper maintenance, this is a countertop that can last for a lifetime and beyond.The stones are heavy and require a professional installation. Don’t even think of hiring your neighborhood handyman to put in your new countertop to save a few dollars.It’s impossible to hide the seams in a granite counter. Expect the seams to show up once it has been installed.The samples that you see can slightly differ from the stone that you receive. Keep in mind that these are naturally occurring slabs so the samples cannot be a true 100% reflection of the stone you are ordering. There may be color variances or occlusions in the stone you receive that gives the slab a slightly different appearance.

    • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 29, 2015
      @Pgl Thanks that was great information. I seem to prefer the quartz, but my husband is adamant on granite, yet I'm in there most of the time and we are planning on having professional installation. We still have a few weeks till decision time, so I wanted to know from people who have either of the two, and how they feel about them.

  • Dee Dee on Jan 29, 2015
    Oh and I have Emerald Pearl granite, it is dark, it does show wipe marks occasionally. I clean it with Alcohol, water, and a few drops of orange essential oil weekly. Seal it once a year. Mine actually got a scratch on it, don't know how and it is not deep enough to be fixed. It does show dust. It looks beautiful, but there is upkeep. Friend has Quartz does not stain, no upkeep and she loves it.

    • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 30, 2015
      @Dee Thanks for that useful advice, I will keep that in mind.

  • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 29, 2015
    Thank you @Dee. That is exactly the type of answer I was looking for.

  • Lindsey Lindsey on Jan 29, 2015
    For me that's a no brainer! Granite! My son has a granite business in Washington and so I asked him and he said you'd be happier with granite than Quartz! Good luck and hope we get to see the results!

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    • Dee Dee on Feb 08, 2015
      @Hope53 The granite counter tops will not be as hard to keep up as the floors. I know what you mean about constantly keeping the floors clean too. I hate that I could dust them several times a day if I wanted to. I have the black pearl in my master bathroom. I do love it, You can sponge down your granite each night and just clean them with the alcohol and water once a week. If you find a window cleaner that has NO AMMONIA you could use that. Last week I resealed my counters for this year. They look beautiful.. Oh my friend has a light color quartz, I do not know how a dark colored quartz would be on smudges. Maybe someone on the forum has some insight on that.

  • Nancy Nancy on Jan 29, 2015
    It seems that for resale of your home granite is what is currently popular but Quartz is sooo much nicer to live with!!!

    • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 30, 2015
      @Nancy Yes I want something easier to live with. Don't we all:)

  • Lisa Salerno Lisa Salerno on Jan 29, 2015
    ditch them both and go with a granite colored formica.. that way when you get tired of it, it won't cost a fortune to change it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with formica, and you'd be surprised at the look of it today. More options, less money, and still very functional. Not to mention special care not required, other than using hot pads and cutting boards, which you were going to do anyway.

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    • Lisa Salerno Lisa Salerno on Jan 31, 2015
      @Hope53 I'd go with the quartz, then. less maintenance = less work.

  • Belinda Todd Belinda Todd on Jan 29, 2015
    Quartz. The picture of the granite piece your husband prefers is very similar to what I just had installed in my kitchen and bath. It is Quartz and the company is Cambria. It is beautiful and I love it. Personally I'm glad I went with Quartz.

    • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 30, 2015
      @Belinda Todd Thanks for the advice Belinda. I like to hear from people who have actually had the experience, because they know all the good and the bad.

  • Becki Becki on Jan 29, 2015
    Black granite is pretty, but shows fingerprints very badly. Quartz just not as pretty as granite....go with one of the white shades of mine......called Gallo something.

    • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 30, 2015
      @Becki Thanks, Becki. It is the fingerprints I don't want to see.

  • Kay Smith Kay Smith on Jan 29, 2015
    Quartz is much easier to keep, shows no wipe marks and stays beautiful. Ours is black with gold flecks. Here's a photo.

    • Hope53 Hope53 on Jan 30, 2015
      @Kay Smith Wow looks great. I will now have to present this page to him. Thanks for the advice.

  • Lindsey Lindsey on Jan 30, 2015
    I've had granite for years, it's not allot of upkeep at all. I just use hot water, once in awhile I'll apply a granite sealer/cleaner on it but I love the ease of it. Hope you are happy with whatever you decide, it's your house!

  • Lindsey Lindsey on Jan 30, 2015
    Oh and Hope53, stay away from the glossy blacks, they DO show everything! Mine is a beautiful color called Delicatus Gold, look it up online, goes with everything! Of course my son got it for me so that make it even nicer!

  • Laurie Brennan Laurie Brennan on Jan 30, 2015
    I have the same Blue Pearl granite in my master bath and love it! I don't find it looks streaky after cleaning and has been easy to maintain (sealer once a year)

  • Colleen Colleen on Jan 30, 2015
    Not sure if my input can be helpful as I don't have black granite, but the granite I have, I love! It's high gloss polished, which does make it fairly reflective but it absorbs nothing as it's so non porous. Mine does show some streaking after cleaning, but it doesn't bother me. I've had the granite several years and have never had to do any special cleaning, polishing or re sealing. It never absorbs water or stains and I love that I don't have to baby it in any way.

  • Carmen Carmen on Jan 30, 2015
    I HATE granite, it in my opinion is high maintenance, requires protective finish be applied at least once a year. Needs to be polished periodically depending on use to renew original shine. Expensive, plus it is mined from the earth - so not environmental friendly. Quartz is a manufactured products and a bit more environmental friendly (except to dispose of ) comes in tons of colors and patterns. does not require an annual process to keep it looking good, and a bit less expensive. HOWEVER quartz stains more easily then granite. quartz also can be scratched, granite is more resistant to scratches. quartz is not very heat resistant, granite is high heat resistant

  • Granite is pourous and has to be sealed every year. Quartz, on the other. does not have to be sealed and is a much tougher than Granite. I would definitely use Quartz in the kitchen. Pick a color that is complimentary to your cabinets. Granite is expensive and over rated. Quartz is definitely your best choice.

  • Connie Connie on Feb 07, 2015
    QUARTZ--------less maintenance less work for you, I know some one that has her counter top in kitchen done. she said she's glad she chose it. won't go back to Granite.

  • Melissa B Melissa B on Feb 08, 2015
    Well goodness... Seems that you are evenly divided in opinions. I had granite in my last kitchen, and loved it. Instead of a solid surface I had a real pro put it in with very small grout lines and large 16" tiles. The color was more of a dark neutral with browns, flecks of gold, silver, garnet red and beige. It was almost like marble to work on. Stayed cool for pastry making, tolerated high heat (but I tried not to set really hot pans on it). Never scratched. I did put a sealer on it once a year, but that was a no-brainer... put it quickly after dinner on a day that the morning was going to be quiet, so it had time to dry. I had a LOT of counter and it only took me 10-15 mins. I have formica in this new home... yup, I hate it. Scratches, chips, not heat tolerant and hard to keep looking nice. Father in law had quartz. It was fine. I didn't always like the way it felt compared to my granite and did seem to scratch more easily. He did stain it, but we got most of that out. Definitely wouldn't have put a hot pan on it, I think that is part of the stain... I think he burned it a bit. Maybe instead of going white or black you could have a muted pattern. It's much more forgiving, shows less and actually is hard to figure out if it's dirty. LOL

    • Hope53 Hope53 on Feb 09, 2015
      @Melissa BThanks for your thoughts. I'm still undecided. I still have at least a few more weeks to make my decision.

  • Leslie Leslie on Mar 10, 2015
    Granite is on its way out, as far as trends go. Get the quartz.

  • C&K Custom Remodeling C&K Custom Remodeling on Mar 11, 2015
    I'm a certified Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler. We install both granite and quartz but we are seeing the trend moving toward quartz. We are currently installing quartz about 70% of the time. Our target market is high end remodeling and we have many pictures of both products on our website so feel free to take a look

  • Hope53 Hope53 on Mar 12, 2015
    Thanks for your input everyone. Leslie thanks for your opinion. I will show it to my husband. Ck customremodeling I appreciate your advice and your website has some gorgeous designs. I still have not decided. As stated earlier, I prefer the quartz. I like the fact that it does not require as much maintenance, and I like the white, with specks of glass in it. My husband on the other hand says he "feels that quartz looks flat compared to granite". he feels granite has more shine, depth and life. The two surfaces are very comparable in price in my area. In fact quartz was quoted as costing several hundred dollars more.

  • Deirdre Sullivan Deirdre Sullivan on Mar 12, 2015
    Granite can be pretty high maintenance and it stains easily. Here's an article that dives into the pros and cons associated with different countertop materials:

  • Becky Greenwald Becky Greenwald on Mar 20, 2015
    I've had granite over 20 years in 3 houses now, dark and light colors, and have NEVER--repeat NEVER had to seal or fuss with it. It NEVER stains. It looks as good as the day it was installed. I use cutting boards and occasional hot pads under pots from the stove, but it is no maintenance whatsoever. (My experience.) To your question, though, I've never had quartz counters.

  • Deepika Gupta Deepika Gupta on Mar 21, 2015
    Hi, An year back even I was in the same confusion. Read and consulted a lots of people before making a final decision for our brand new kitchen of our first home. Decided to go with Quartz and exactly the same which you have chosen. After an year I can definitely say that I am happy with it. Here I would add that I'm a avid cook and have a active toddler at home so our countertop serves more than one purpose. It's still the same as it was an year back with regular cleaning. granite and Quartz more or less have same properties with Quartz being more hard and no sealing required. Will even be costlier. Hope this helps

    • Sherrie Slaboda Sherrie Slaboda on Aug 29, 2016
      I agree with you. The no sealing and non porous is the most important thing to me. The colors are beautiful, too.

  • Ipsitaroy Ipsitaroy on Dec 22, 2015
    Hi, I think Granite is best for kitchen. Iprefer black granite for my kitchen. Recently I ordered granite from one of the best Indiangranite supplier AA Stone Impex throughmy friend references. If you place black granite it looks your kitchen moreattractive. So in my suggestion you go through your husband’s decision.

  • Hillbilly Mom Hillbilly Mom on Apr 11, 2016
    quartz comes in lots of colors.It is very durable ,stain resistant,and food grade.

  • Sherrie Slaboda Sherrie Slaboda on Jul 13, 2016
    I chose Cambria quartz and it is an excellent product. The only cleaning product I use is Dawn detergent and a soft towel. The best thing about quartz is it is non-pourous and doesn't need sealing.

  • Barbara Barbara on Aug 28, 2016
    I have granite and I let it air dry after wiping in off I have never had a problem with streaking. I cut on it set hot pots on it and roll pie crust on it among other things. It looks like the day I had it installed. I get a LOT of compliments on my kitchen remodel I couldn't be happier. Hope this helps. You will not be sorry with granite.

  • Becky Partain Becky Partain on Jun 13, 2017
    I personally prefer Quartz. So much easier to care for.

  • Spe41852354 Spe41852354 on Feb 20, 2020

    I HATE black granite. I have it in two of my bathrooms. It is stained and spotted all the time.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 11, 2020


    has you thought to compromise and go for a Formica /Laminate top, then if you don't like it, it will be cheaper to replace or cover over.

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Dec 16, 2020

    Which one did you end up going with?