Working with almond colored appliances!

by Kim
What color do I paint my cabinets to work with almond colored appliances? I don't have the extra money to replace the appliances but want to update the look.
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  • Z Z on Sep 22, 2014
    A photo of your kitchen now would help. Are you cabinets painted or stained? As for painting to go with almond, I'd go with color. If I were one to paint kitchen cabinets, I love the look, but prefer stained wood, I'd go with a darker color on the bottom and lighter on the top, depending on how you are decorating.
  • Kim Kim on Sep 22, 2014
    Stained, I will add a picture shortly.
  • Jonikka Berglan Jonikka Berglan on Sep 22, 2014
    I think some color would really work with those neutral appliances. And if you use Annie Sloan paint, you don't have to worry about sanding, etc. Are your walls a neutral color?
  • If you are going to paint your cabinets to coordinate I would think about an antique white or even a taupey beige. Now if you want to have a bit more color then think about a grey which can either be in the blue tones or even more toward the brown family. What color are your countertops? that is another option to look at-what color to pull out of the counters. almond will go with just about anything. good luck
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Sep 23, 2014
    Why not paint the cabinets almond to match. Then get contrast through your countertop and walls.
  • Kim Kim on Sep 23, 2014
    I have added pictures. I do plan on new countertops and eventually flooring. The cabinets are solid wood and very functional although so dark. I plan on filling in the current pulls and installing new hardware. Thank you for all the suggestions!!
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    • Z Z on Sep 23, 2014
      @Kim, you have very pretty cabinets. I personally would change out lighting before I decided to start the huge task of painting the cabinets to brighten your kitchen. You'd be amazed the difference the right light bulbs will do. Below you'll see I added a photo showing the difference daylight and soft white bulbs. The globes are white, but with the soft white bulb, shown on the right, they appear to have a beige/gold coloring. You can also lighten the cabinets by using a furniture refinisher such as Formby's Furniture Refinisher or their Paint and Poly Revmover. It depends on what the finish on your cabinets are. Neither are as harsh to the wood or as difficult to accomplish as stripping. Once done all you need to do is add a clear poly for lighter cabinets.
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  • Why not simply paint the appliances? If the cabinets are fine its a lot easier to refinish the appliances. Being the color that they are however, these are more then 10 years old. This means that your paying a lot of money for electrical use. You can save close to 30% on electrical use with new units. Check rebates and credits on taxes in your state regarding this. You can also install a stainless coating. make them look like new and modern. For a whole lot less then paint and work involved in doing cabinets.
  • Z Z on Sep 24, 2014
    @Woodbridge Environmental, brings up a very good point. I can add to his reasons for replacing your appliances. You'd not only save money on electricity, but on food. A newer refrigerator keeps food fresh, longer. Twelve years ago we had to replace our 20 year old fridge. I was lucky to find one of the last almond appliances made. I hated Bisc and didn't want stainless or black at that time. I was shocked at how much longer milk and other foods lasted in the new fridge compared to the one we'd just replaced. Had I known the difference in keeping food fresh longer, I'd have replaced it sooner, but since it was working, I figured it was doing its job. Here's a link that will help you find any rebates offered on Energy Star appliances.
  • Kim Kim on Sep 24, 2014
    Thank you!!!
    • Edie Lynn Heatherly Edie Lynn Heatherly on Nov 01, 2016
      Im starting the process of picking paint to match my beige appliances too. It's been a couple of years for you and I'm curious, what did you do?
  • Chara Chara on Apr 19, 2020

    I want to paint cabinets as well. I'm stuck. My husband is in the middle of priming the walls. I don't know what I want now since he just gave me permission to paint the cabinets.

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 04, 2021

    Hello Kim,

    Chocolate Brown, Teal, Olive Green etc.