Redecorate With Budget Sheets!

For a fraction of the price, you can tie a whole room together. Sewing skills help, but even that can be worked around with a little imagination. I spent $40.00 on the material. The key here is that I got the length and width I needed without the $15.00 a yard price tag for the same result.
Our dining room is fairly small and has that wonderful old oak paneling. This made for a dark, closed-in vibe. We're pretty simple folks and don't go in for following designer trends. We make our living spaces reflect us, simple. Anyway, didn't want to paint over the great paneling, so I painted the window trim and the ceiling molding to match our recently decorated adjoining kitchen.
The next step was to dress the room up with bright colors. After looking at upholstery material, I decided the price was way more than I wanted to spend. So, off to the discount stores to find the sheet sets that match my color scheme. For $40.00 I bought 2king sets and a twin set. Now, mind you, I would never sleep on these sheets, I think the thread count must be around 100 ( not even listed on the label). But the main thing I needed was a lot of large material.
I wanted a clean look for the windows, so I bought the old fashioned roll-up blinds. I then used 1 flat king sheet. Cut the three pieces, ensuring to keep the pattern consistent. I cut an extra inch on each side so that I could fold it over. Using spray adhesive. I attached the fabric. I also glued some leftover plastic sheeting in the bottom center of each one to keep it clean where you grab to raise and lower the blind.

I then recovered the chairs, using a fitted sheet and part of another flat sheet. Since I am a seamstress. I decided to quilt these, using an old comforter for the padding. This could have easily been done without the quilting, just cut the pieces to fit, remove the seat bottom, fold the material around the seat and screw back together.
For the window seat, I cut up some of the sheets into strips to work into the patchwork quilt (started years ago and never finished as an actual quilt)
Keeping with my country look, I cut more strips and crocheted together with strips of other coordinating scraps to make the placemats.
The room is not completely finished and I have sheets left for more projects. I'm sure I won't use it all, which is good because I will have it for future updates or replacements.

I know the pictures of the room are a little dark, that's because I had to close the blinds to show them best. The room is actually 100% brighter than before.
The great thing about this project is that you can customize a room to fit your own taste for a fraction of the cost.

The picture below is one of the walls with my Rockwell prints ( from a book, $15.00 on eBay), in upcycled frames and window. ( pardon the mess, like I said, the room's not finished).
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