Elkay Kitchen Sink and Danze Faucet Makeover

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We are tough on sinks in our large family. I have tried them all and after being frustrated by even sinks that bragged they would never stain (and did) we finally did what we should have done a LONG time ago....we went STAINLESS. Head on over to the blog and see what we replaced out OLD sink and faucet with! We are in LOVE !!!! +Elkay Sinks and Faucets +Danze Faucet Warehouse @nationalbuildersupply
I know, I am betting like ME; You are probably not a fan of doing dishes... I HATE it...but this SINK and FAUCET makes things a LITTLE bit more Enjoyable.
Here is what we were dealing with before. I will have to admit..I am not a SINK fan...I have not had good luck over the years with our sink choices....we have had enamel and cast iron and then this "quartz" type sink. Non of them could stand the test of the "ART IS BEAUTY" family. My Hubby is a home brewer... I am an artist... My kids...well they are kids.... Our sinks take a beating, from paint to brewing equipment, to kids leaving food sitting in the sink.. Its a mess... This past sink was suppose to be a NO STAIN sink.. Yeah, it was....for a while....but even it couldn't handle us.. That's when we knew..it was time to go STAINLESS STEEL!
National builders supply to the rescue with my new soldiers!
First things first..we took the cupboard doors off to have easier access. always shut off all water...and we suggest you never work on a Sunday in case you run into massive problems and all the home stores and plumbers are closed and you will have to pay big bucks for an emergency call.
once water is turned off we got to removing the the old plumbing and removing the brackets that held the old sink in.
it was then time to lift the old beast out.
after it was out we needed to carefully scrape the old caulk from where the old sink was.
here is hubby centering and dry fitting our new sink.
and adding the new brackets to hold our new sink in place.
Then the fun part of replacing all the plumbing. We went from two drains to one and got rid of our garbage disposal that just encouraged the kids to throw crap in the sink...we also had to re route the drain for the dishwasher since it was no longer going into the disposal.
Needless to say, it was worth the effort and he was rewarded with lots of kisses..(and me promising to wait to ask at least a week for him to HELP me with another project) :)
.No more teetering pots and pans trying to fill and clean only to have them slip and spill all over the place. I also waited a couple weeks to post to make sure that this stood up to our TOUGH set of standards. I can tell you...Its amazing..I am honestly KICKING myself for not doing it sooner. The sprayer on the sink makes for easy clean up and I feel like such a GOURMET with it in my kitchen. I hope you enjoyed this latest Makeover... Please note. I received product for reviewing National Builder Supply products. All opinions are genuine. Because honestly..have you ever known me to NOT be..:) Now go out there and make someones day BEAUTIFUL.. I will be in my KITCHEN staring at my sink and faucet.

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  • Sink
  • Faucet

Art is beauty
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  • Cornelia Schott Cornelia Schott on Sep 29, 2014
    Looks great! Does your husband have plumbing experience? How would you rank this job..easy, moderate, difficult? I would like my husband to do something like this with our kitchen sink. Great advice on doing this project on a Sunday and being aware plumbers are not available if something goes wrong. Did you seal the top of the sink to the countertop? I notice there is a nice lip where the sink goes over the counter.

    • Art is beauty Art is beauty on Sep 29, 2014
      @Cornelia Schott we have put in plenty of sinks over the years and learned trial and error style. We did not need to caulk around the top because of the large lip and the weight of the sink and faucet in addition to the clips underneath pulling it taunt against the counter top. I would say if you have NEVER done plumbing before to talk to someone at a hardware store. They will be able to walk you through everything, think of scenarios and what not. That is what my husband did way back before the internet when he put in our first sink :)

  • John Smith John Smith on Dec 08, 2017
    How did you think that way, very nice article ever read. Stainless Sink looking out of the box.