Need help with this fireplace remodel

I need help coming up with a design to brighten the room in particular the fireplace. thank u

rail road ties part of our cities history.. don't really want to discard... bit fire place is our focal point and needs to be brightened up and refreshed..... Any ideas please. thank you.

q fireplace remodel
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 18, 2018
    lighten the replica with white wash,change out the brass utensils for a different look,if budget allows add some contrasting colors around

  • Lsherbach Lsherbach on Jan 18, 2018
    I'm thinking if you (off) white wash the brick, you will fall ' in love with the mantel.

  • Linda Sturgill Linda Sturgill on Jan 18, 2018
    I wouldn't touch the wood mantle, I love it, but I do agree with white washing the brick. Maybe do a small section to see how you like it first.

  • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on Jan 18, 2018
    If you go to the top of this page, hit the browse button, then the makeovers button, then when that page comes up hit the fireplaces and mantels button you will see a ton of projects that will give you all kinds of ideas. You will see before, during and after pics and how to's for a ton of looks.

  • Amy alaina Amy alaina on Jan 18, 2018
    Thank You. It seems that to whitewash is the unanimous decision... Would you happen to know how much I'm looking at? Do I have too much stuff on the top of the mantel.... my friend says too much too random?

    • Bonnie Bonnie on Jan 18, 2018
      Put what you love on the mantel! You could try spacing your things a little differently. I like to group my collections, but try to maintain the same general heights and "weightedness" on each side of the mantel to make it look balanced. I also like the Rule of Three, where odd numbers of grouped items seem to be more visually appealing to humans. And I agree with LInda, don't touch the wood on that mantel!

  • Cristine Schwartzberg Cristine Schwartzberg on Jan 18, 2018
    Do you love the brick colors? If you do, then do not white wash the brick. Once you white wash the brick, It is a pain to remove the white wash if you do not like it. I agree that the railroad tie mantle is very cool just as it is. The reason that I ask if you love brick colors is because the surrounding furniture rug and accessories are all in shades of red. Using all the shades of red means there is no contrast. One way to add contrast is to white wash the brick. Another way to add contrast is to change out the accessories for accessories in shades of blues and greens. Blues and greens are opposite on the color wheel from all the reds and orange tones in the brick

  • William William on Jan 21, 2018
    White wash the brick. Leave the mantel alone. Group your collections. Looks too much like a museum.

  • R R on Jan 21, 2018
    Only white wash a few of the bricks

  • Midwest Gal Midwest Gal on Jan 21, 2018
    I too love the mantel/railroad tie. VERY COOL. I also have a LARGE wall with a brick fireplace. I have debated painting (whitewashing). AND I have panelling to boot. I have used white accents to help balance the brick and panelling-white Ikea couch-with slipcover and white tv stand. As accents I have lamps with mercury glass finish to reflect light. Your mantel is so long is there a way to add a few round mirrors in gold or black to bounce light around and maybe a basket near the fireplace box with some birch branches or other filler (greens or twigs) to add some dimension. Maybe also some lanterns on the hearth with some battery operated candles that can be put on timer. A brighter lighter rug would also be a starting off point with greens or blues in it that you could use to pick up fo pillows or other accents. Good Luck.