Another Curbside Find's Simple Makeover

2 Days
I found this coffee table like this with its top missing. I had a huge concert at the end of May and then I had this new family from overseas who came to live in my state for 2 years and I have been finding things for them. Out of many things, they needed a coffee table and luckily I found this. It was very solid with legs that were a bit wiggly but I only needed to tighten their screws.
Hubby caught a piece of plywood and then used the router so that the wood panel sits snuggly on top.
I then put a coat of primer from a spray can and then emptied another can of black lacquer paint in gloss finish. I initially didn't like the finish. I felt like I needed another coat of it, but hubby suggested that I put some wax on it and buff it off...and it gave interesting texture.
It almost looks like it has a leather top...I thought.

Sorry this is a short post. I am still helping the new family and dying to start a project, but one thing at a time I suppose.

I hope you are having a good start of the summer!
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