5 Old Electronics You Can Sell (And Make Over $800!)

by BrightNest
Technology moves fast.
Twenty years ago, computers were a luxury. These days, the average American household owns 24 electronic gadgets, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). To keep up with technology, people are upgrading their gadgets regularly. But where do the old ones go?
Tossing your old computers, phones and other electronics in the trash isn’t the only solution. Instead, try one of these three options when dumping old electronics: sell, donate or recycle. Be sure to erase all of your data from the device first, and then say buh-bye to the dinosaur!
Here’s a breakdown of what gizmos could make you some cash, what to donate and how to recycle the rest:
Sell It

Who doesn’t love an unexpected pay day? Check out this list of common electronics that are worth some cash to see if you have any money-makers laying around the house:

Functioning laptops: A 2009 Macbook Pro is worth around $400

Desktop computers: A desktop PC is worth at least $150

Printers: Printers go for about $50

Scanners: Scanners are worth over $200

Fax machines: Fax machines sell for about $50

Give It Away

Sometimes technology has changed too much for you to be able to sell your old gadget. In other words, no one wants to buy your old TV-VCR combo. But, someone is probably willing to come to your house and lug that clunky thing out!

If you have anything on the following list, we recommend posting a Craigslist ad in the free section and calling it a day:

VCR: Someone out there may still want a functioning VCR. If not, it is probably time to recycle.

Flash drives: Before you hand a flash drive over, move all of the information its storing into the cloud. (We love Google Drive!)

Non-flat screen tv: Someone, somewhere really wants that screen. They just aren’t willing to pay for it!

Anything from before 2005: In the technology world, if it was made pre-2005 it’s basically an antique.

Recycle It

If the gadget is really old or doesn’t work, your best bet is to recycle it. Some stores like Best Buy and Staples have programs that take your electronics off of your hands. For a comprehensive list of centers that recycle old gadgets, visit the EPA’s officially site.

More great tips: http://bit.ly/1rnrwHc
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