This Pallet Coffee Table DIY Project Cost Just $60

These Hometalker newlyweds didn’t have a big budget for a coffee table, so they made their own out of crates. Using four wooden crates, a single 2 X 4 piece of wood, and some satin-finish paint, these Hometalkers created a unique piece of statement furniture for their marital home. The industrial black satin finish brings a modern touch to a rustic coffee table made out of wood. Get tutorial here

Turning a Pile of Wood into a DIY Coffee Table Vision

This Hometalker spent just $50 on materials to turn her own rustic coffee table DIY project into a stunning reality. The distressed look of the table legs makes it look super-authentic, and the dark tabletop is also an excellent contrast with the framework. Even the look of the nail heads showing on top of the table helps to make the furniture feel more rustic. Get tutorial here

How to Build a Coffee Table 42 X 42 With Drawers

Do you have an eye for woodwork? Check out this guide on how to build a coffee table from scratch. This Hometalker lists all of the materials you’ll need to build the frame and put together the tabletop. The end result depends entirely on your interior aesthetic – you get the freedom to sand, paint, and finish the wood however you want; that’s the joy of DIY coffee table making. Get tutorial here

Use Chalk Paint to Give Your Coffee Table a DIY Makeover

Who knew that a little bit of chalk paint could give this vintage wooden coffee table a whole new identity? This Hometalker sure did. Their old coffee table had exposed wood grain, making it possible to create a rustic stencil effect on the tabletop. They painted the entirety of the table a warm Paris Grey, except the stencil motif area and a striking double line that adds even more charm. Get tutorial here

Create This DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table With a Little Woodwork

This Hometalker had trouble deciding on a suitable coffee table, so opted to make their own farmhouse version. They recommend deciding on the right shape of your DIY farmhouse coffee table to complement the space you have in your living room. MDF was used as it is sturdy, cheap, and smooth for easy application of paint and stain. They designed the tabletop to have a one-inch overhang all the way around. Get tutorial here

The Beauty of Upcycling an Existing Coffee Table

This Hometalker couldn’t bring herself to throw away her tired coffee table and opted to upcycle instead. After fixing a broken table leg – and a lot of waxing – they replaced the dated wicker in the middle of the table by wrapping some foam board with fabric and placing it on top. The glass top adds the perfect finishing touch, and the repainted wood is glossy and complements the mirrored tabletop brilliantly. Get tutorial here

This DIY Rustic Coffee Table Was Made Using a Factory Cart

This Hometalker wanted a restored factory cart coffee table, but couldn’t afford the hefty price tag. So, her husband opted to build one for her from scratch. The wooden structure was built using 1" X 6" pine boards, with pocket holes used to fit everything together. The platform was filed down and messed around with to make it look well-used. The wood was then coated with an oak combination stain and polyurethane for a durable finish. Get tutorial here

Stylish & Contemporary DIY Coffee Table With a Metallic Finish

For those that want a trendy industrial coffee table without the 2019 price tag, check out this easy hack. This Hometalker spent less than $20 on materials to create a wooden base, before painting it with Modern Masters metallic paint. The tabletop was weathered and then stained with Minwax Weathered Oak to create a striking contrast between the frame and the tabletop. Ladies and gentlemen – we give you 2019 farmhouse style. Get tutorial here

This 3-In-1 DIY Coffee Table is the Epitome of Storage

Multi-functional coffee tables normally come at a cost, unless you build one to size yourself! This Hometalker made her own thrifty 3-in-1 DIY coffee table using only a few pieces of wood, some brackets, and a lick of paint. They have been designed so that they can be space-saving and nestle inside one another. Alternatively, they can display the openings on the same side for handy storage and displays. Get tutorial here

This Planked Farmhouse-Style Coffee Table is So Homely

If you’ve always wanted that planked, farmhouse-style coffee table in your home, check out this project. This Hometalker measured the tabletop before purchasing a piece of wood that was the same size, before cutting it into six equal boards. They then stained the wood using vinegar, steel wool, and tea to create this weathered effect. The metal brackets are a rustic finishing touch in their chevron formation. Get tutorial here

Find Out How to Create Your Own Sawhorse Coffee Table

This Hometalker loved the Ipe wood used on their kitchen cabinets so much they used it for their new coffee table. All you need to replicate this sawhorse-style DIY coffee table is your chosen wood, a table saw, a drill, some wood screws, and your preferred stain or sealer. This Hometalker actually recommends staining and sealing the wood. The sealer helped turn their Ipe wood from a dried-out orange color to a rich, vibrant red. Get tutorial here

Turn a Tired Coffee Table into a Sleek Mirrored Coffee Table

This Hometalker wondered how easy it would be to spruce up their old coffee table on a budget. If you’re tired of looking at your old, battered coffee table, this project could inspire you to give it a new lease of life. Just by sanding, re-screwing and re-spraying your wood, you can give the table a lift. This Hometalker then placed a brand-new mirror on the tabletop, with a generous amount of caulk added for easy application. Get tutorial here

Integrate Classy Art into Your DIY Coffee Table

Instead of putting classic or contemporary art on your walls, why not fit it on your new coffee table? That’s what this Hometalker recently did when they couldn’t find a coffee table that was unique enough. They then set out on a mission to incorporate a framed piece of artwork onto a solid wood pedestal-style side table. The gold frame adds an air of opulence and decadence that enhances the feel of the living space. Get tutorial here

Upcycle Your Old Coffee Table With a Bright, Vibrant Stencil

If you want to make a design statement for your DIY coffee table, try a simple yet effective stencil. This Hometalker had successfully upcycled her new coffee table, but still felt there was something missing. She eventually opted for a Martha Steward stencil and painted along the edge of the tabletop using a foam brush. The end result is beautiful and is the perfect frame for the rest of the table. Get tutorial here

Leftover Fence Boards? Use them to Build a DIY Rustic Coffee Table

This Hometalker had used three living room coffee tables in a year before deciding to make their own. They got inspiration from an old reclaimed wooden coffee table in a picture and that was that. They utilized unused fence boards from a previous backyard project to create a DIY farmhouse coffee table aesthetic. The chunky black nail heads also work brilliantly to frame the tabletop. Get tutorial here

Get This Faux-Marble Effect Using DC Fix Contact Paper

This Hometalker regularly “flips” furniture and saw an opportunity with a $20 coffee table makeover. After purchasing this relatively small rectangular coffee table on the cheap, this Hometalker used two rolls of marble-effect DC Fix Contact Paper to create a faux-marble tabletop. They were skilled enough to lay out the paper and line up the grain so that it wasn’t visible. It now looks like something out of Hollywood! Get tutorial here

This Inlay Stencil Has Transformed a Cheap Ikea Lack Table

If you can only afford a basic Ikea lack table for your first living room, a simple inlay stencil can make all the difference. This Hometalker used a Priya Bone Inlay Furniture Stencil Kit along with some Dove White Benjamin Moore paint to create a striking overlay on this cheap lack table. Spray adhesive tends to work best for stencils such as this that are used frequently, but larger stencil patterns suit 2" dense foam rollers. Get tutorial here