Boxed utensil holder, I don't have enough drawer space, ideas? Help!


I'm looking for a way to keep my utensils free from dust, just sitting in utensil holders on counters. I don't have enough drawer space to keep them all. Any ideas? I like the rustic farm house look.

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  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 14, 2018

    First I think we all have way too many kitchen gadgets and we outgrow some that we used to use.... so purging your kitchen frequently is a must.

    Then if you still need that extra drawer space, add a drawer under your upper kitchen cabinet to store that extra tray.....

    or add a toe kick drawer under the bottom cabinet....

  • Tere Tere on Oct 14, 2018

    You could store them in various sized mason jars with lids. Wrap each jar with a rustic patterned ribbon for fun :)

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Oct 14, 2018

    I wouldn't worry about a little dust, but the under cabinet drawer sounds great

    • Jennifer Morgan Jennifer Morgan on Oct 15, 2018

      Ugh i feel embarrassed when they are all dusty when i have friends or family cooking with me. i have to tell them to wash it all off before using it LOL

  • Patrice Wielgus Patrice Wielgus on Oct 15, 2018

    I have a large vase which sets next to my stove for what I use while cooking. I have tried hanging on the wall but I didn't like it. Things fell off when you grabbed for something. Others didn't know where to put it. I am thinking of hang some items in my baking cabinet door.

  • Jennifer Morgan Jennifer Morgan on Oct 15, 2018

    Great idea for little stuff. I'm talking about spatulas, and big cooking spoons. i unfortunately dont have much wall space to hang anything. thanks for your suggestion and hope that the back of your door works for you

  • Jennifer Morgan Jennifer Morgan on Oct 15, 2018

    i was thinking something like a top opening bread box with maybe rustic metal sides and a lid

  • Linda Linda on Oct 16, 2018

    What if you got something like this Keurig storage piece. Then you could sit something on top of it and you will not be loosing counter space.

  • Gail Gail on Oct 16, 2018

    Let's think outside the box here for a moment. There's actually a couple ways to handle this I know of, both of which I've used.

    1. Put your utensils in a big crock just as is often done, then cover them all at the same time with a quilted cloth, terry cloth, or plastic small Appliance cover. Remove when you need to use them, recover when you're done. Wash covers when needed.

    2. Mittens. Baby or child mittens work well. Don't need the thumb on them, snip off from inside & hand stitch closed. Wash as needed. They're even very simple & cheap to make if you need a lot of them. Sew by hand or machine. Old Terry cloth is good for recycling for this.

    Have fun with it.