How do I organize my food storage room?


I have a room to store all my food in. But I need more space and organation!

q i need a way to organize my food storage room
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  • Everything Pretty Everything Pretty on Apr 05, 2019

    There's a lot of extra space that you're not using. I would build shelves in an L or U shape. You could leave a space at the window and use it for larger items. I'd build them up to the ceiling. You can also add shelves above the freezer, but I'd use it for things you don't use as often.

    • Russbow Russbow on Apr 08, 2019

      GREAT idea, and then arrange your items alphabetically to easily store and find

  • Judi Judi on Apr 05, 2019

    Hi Karen, here is a great start, looks like they also have the shelving like you do

  • I installed a bunch of inexpensive shelves and it made a world of difference. You can see part of what I did here:

  • Phaedra Phaedra on Apr 05, 2019

    Move the freezer under the window. This will unblock the window while allowing lid opening room for the freezer. Install floor to ceiling shelving on the old freezer wall. Shelf unit on either side of window and a long shelf over window. If theres room do a rolling island/cart in the center.

  • Shadow Shadow on Apr 06, 2019

    My suggestion is more expensive, but I would build pull out drawers with full extension, heavy duty slides. You can then easily get to the stuff in the back and you can put a front on them for a finished look.

  • Mlle LaFleur Mlle LaFleur on Apr 06, 2019

    I agree that moving the freezer under the window makes sense. Remove the carpet; clean and paint the room. Tall, 6 feet, rolling shelves with wheels will be both stronger, cheaper and will hold much more than any wall shelving.This open shelving solution keeps light pouring through so that you can find things; no more pushing things aside to search for what is at the back. Place the rack with their shorter side to the wall and next to each other; they can be pulled out to access contents. Or if not that much space is needed then keep a walkway in between them. Cut 3/8 plywood for the shelves holding 'tippable' items, I have used foam core sheets for this but do not use cardboard which not only looks junky when new but only gets uglier with time. Use the top shelf for paper goods. Get S-hooks to hang tote bags and many other items on the narrow edge. I use this in my storage room - I can pull it all out to clean the floor (occasionally)

    • Phaedra Phaedra on Apr 06, 2019

      Good idea. I forgot about the rolling metal shelves. I have them in my work shop in the barn. Youre right they are easy to move. I use Luan on mine so stuff doent fall thru.

  • Mlle LaFleur Mlle LaFleur on Apr 06, 2019

    P. S. With the tall rolling shelf solution you may find that you only need 2 of them. Very cost effective and almost attractive!

  • Joan Joan on Apr 06, 2019

    some kitchen cabinets have a pullout shelf , it looks like a small door but you pull it out and it has like 3 shelves . You might try buying or possibly building something like this, kinda like a drawer. You could actually label each one. This was you wouldn't have to look for everything.

  • Cindy Cindy on Apr 06, 2019

    As a Professional Organizer, I agree with moving the freezer under the window. I suggest using metal shelving on wheels on the left wall to take advantage of the full wall height. I recommend using these metal shelves available at Target:

    They are sturdy, easy to put together, the shelves can be built to different heights and you can get casters for them too. The ceiling-hung rod may have to go but going vertically in a room with a smaller footprint will give you lots of bang for your buck, storage wise.

  • Karen Karen on Apr 07, 2019

    Thank all of yall so much. Will send pics soon

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Apr 07, 2019

    I love using labeled tubs and bins. Grains, breakfast cereals, baking ingredients, tomatoes, beans, canned fruit, etc