More Ways to Cover and Re-purpose That Tea Box.

In this short post I simply would like to share a couple of the other ways the tea box can be covered making it an ideal small item storage box and even better gift box. This is for those who do not paint but had great ideas in ways to use the box afterwards. Now it is true I did paint on the material in some of the photos but it is the material that is being presented as the cover.
There were several good ideas as to what would work to cover a box in the comments area. This painting is on 90lb watercolor paper and it is glued to the watercolor paper I used to cover the box. The boxes are larger than a standard tea box because they are from a health supplement group that friends gave to me to come up with a use.
These two boxes are covered with patterned cloth that I glued to the boxes. Fairly easy to do but very nice in the end . I personally use acrylic gloss to adhere the cloth to the box and have had no trouble with this over the years.
This was a painting on a hankerchief . It happened to fit the box nicely so it was glued to the box. I wrapped a paper strip around the sides of the box to help prevent the cloth from peeling when handled .
The reference painting for the above water pump was from a Susan Scheewe instruction book. This painting is from the book Bitterroot Backroads 8 by Glenice Moore . I too had to learn from someone. This true is a painting but is on a hankerchief as well. And since it fit so nicely on the box here it is . I haven't looked in to all the pattered cloth available but I am sure there is plenty to choose from , And for those of you who do put something together to share with us.
This will be the final photo. I hope it stirred up some creative thinkers . I was planning on having a full demonstration on a cloth covered box at my blog site but that didn't happen. As I was preparing to insert a photo in the project section at the site everything went super small and I have yet to figure out what buttons I pressed on this laptop to correct it.

Certainly I have enjoyed sharing some more of my artwork. Yet I am counting on this as well to reveal some very interesting boxes done by some of you. Have a Great crafting day. 1/5/16 I found a couple of uncovered boxes , the brand is Univera. A very sturdy box in itself . so if you know of anyone using that product see if they will let you have the empty container.
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  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jan 04, 2016
    My kids like to tease me that I've never met a container I didn't think I could reuse, repurpose or hang onto until I thought of something to do with it! I like your ideas!

    • Phillipcardjr Phillipcardjr on Jan 05, 2016
      @Cynthia H That is great .I have a ping pong table just about full with items waiting for a good use and several in the start of their being re-purposed. I will keep my eyes open for what you come up with. May your day go well.