I sure could use a declutt helper in my home. I will also need a DIY a

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  • For a no cost option, get a trusted family member or friend to help declutter. If you can, hire a professional organizer to come help you, they are not that expensive. Even if you hired one for just a day, he or she can teach you valuable lessons! And if you have that much stuff, I bet you will have a bunch of items to sell at a garage sale or on line, easily recouping any cash outlay for the organizer fee and then make a profit.

  • Happy Days Hometalker Happy Days Hometalker on May 13, 2018
    One room at a time, get rid of a lot, box up things you may want in a years time, ( open the box up after a year, if you do not need or want the items, get ride of them , if you want or can use them find space in your home) give things to friends, charity or have a garage sale or all three. At night before you go to bed, put clutter away from rooms that have the clutter from the day. Very very easy and best of luck to you, I know you can do it.

  • Emily Emily on May 13, 2018
    The other day at an estate sale we got talking to one of the helpers (I go to a lot of this firms estate sales) and she does exactly this type of work. . . really anything to do with the home, organizing, cleaning, decluttering, even cooking! Check around this type of firm and see if someone who works there does what you need done. Or check with Next Door and advertise (free) for such a person!

  • B. Enne B. Enne on May 13, 2018
    Alternatively, you could use this tip from the KonMari method: Do only one type of thing at a time.
    EX: Do all the shoes in your entire house.
    Then move onto another item, records, t-shirts, bedding whatever... It takes a bit longer, but if you are overwhelmed by a room, it helps. It is manageable, and eventually everything will be sorted.

    As J FITZGERALD said, fill boxes.
    I find that if I do: KEEP, ELSEWHERE, DONATE, NOT SURE, TRASH boxes/ bins it goes faster.
    Try to handle each item only once. It is not time to reminisce/ look through albums.
    re elsewhere box/es: If you have additional bins with names or rooms, you can move them later: ex: kitchen, Joe's bedroom, family room, etc.

    Sort quickly, and be realistic...Do you love it, will you use it, is it repairable, will you actually have a garage sale?
    When I did this, the "not sure" bin helped, and made me move faster. By the next day, I got up and got rid of many items from that bin, after "sleeping on it".
    Again as J FITZGERALD said, box what it left in your "not sure box" and set a time limit to check it. If it isn't used, or is forgotten, get rid of it!!!
    One thing that worked for me was to put "not sure" items in photocopy paper sized boxes or smaller, and to sort the rest so that I had a clean room with just a few small stacked boxes.
    Afterwards, whenever I want, I can go through 1 "not sure"box at a time, while watching t.v. without being overwhelmed. Eventually, everything gets done, and looks neat in the interim.
    Just remember that moving stuff from one room to another without sorting it, doesn't declutter it.
    Just keep plugging away until it goes down, A little bit regularly is better than trying to do everything at once, and never finishing.

    re donations: Sometimes it is easier to donate certain items that you love to friends or family, instead of strangers, BUT please ask them first!!!
    I also found it easier to fill our van, and send my husband to Goodwill right away, so I couldn't change my mind. He made quite a few trips, but it was great to see the stuff go down fast.
    I also call charities to see when they will be in my area for free pick-up. Some ask for a minimum of 5 garbage bags, so I have to commit to that. I usually try to add more.

    You can do it, just start! Good luck!