How to Create a Small Vegetable Garden Using a Garden Spiral

Using the inspiration of a herb garden I created this small stone vegetable garden spiral. It created more space for a variety of vegetables and made a beautiful architectural element near my patio!
Last year, I stumbled upon a photo of a herb garden spiral and thought that this technique was perfect for my small vegetable garden.
It became necessary to add the dirt as I built the walls so that the dirt would help support the stone. As the dirt was added, I would push it into the crevices between the stone and it began to support and hold the walls in place.
Sketched the design in the dirt. Finished before planting. Mid summer photo! Visit my blog for additional information and instructions! More details on my blog. Link below!
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  • Love the spiral idea. Adds interest to the area.

  • Erika Hawkins Erika Hawkins on Jul 31, 2017
    Well, I have a stone edge around one of my trees, which I build myself and planted flowers, cantaloupe and cucumbers in.

    • Cindy Quinn Cindy Quinn on Aug 06, 2017
      In case you didn't know, it is recommended to not plant flowers, etc. within a a five foot perimeter around a tree. The reason is that the trees need deep soaking a couple of times a week. That way the water gets down into the ground where the roots are. If we water above ground with the lighter sprinkling for flowers, veggies, etc. then it causes the roots to come up to the surface to find the water. That is why so many trees we see have a lot of roots above ground and makes it easier to topple. I only learned this a few years ago. I do plant flowers that don't need much water closer to the trees not so they only get the wetness leftover from the deep soaking. :-)