I need privacy on my concrete slab in the backyard.

Corinne Denny
by Corinne Denny
I would like to have some privacy on my concrete slab 9' x 9'. What can I do to create a private space without costing a lot of money.
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Feb 02, 2015
    The cheapest thing I can think of would be a fence made from pallets, which would basically cost you nothing. You may find some inspiration here: http://www.hometalk.com/diy/outdoor/pallet-fence-1924448 If you have a little more to spend, you are fortunate that you live in Florida where things grow quickly. You can have 6-foot hedge of sweet viburnum (Viburnum odoratissimum) in 18 months if you start with 3-gallon plants. You'd probably need no more than nine of them to completely enclose your slab.
  • Emm Emm on Feb 02, 2015
    another good way to create a nice privacy screen is with lattice... heres a good link to a really inexpensive project that looks great! http://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/2012/07/how-to-build-a-lattice-privacy-screen-on-a-budget-tutorial.html
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Feb 03, 2015
    Thought of lattice right away as Emm suggested. Pallets would provide more privacy, but maybe a bit "heavy". You could also do a combo. Perhaps use the pallets where you want max privacy or protection from wind, too much sun, and the lattice for airiness. You could also add some shrubs/plants along one of the sides or hang vines (real or artificial) in the lattice, hang potted flowers/wall art from the pallets which support heavier objects.
  • Roberta Eagleston Roberta Eagleston on Feb 03, 2015
    Plant ornamental grass. They grow fast and dense. Not only privacy but no upkeep with painting. Lowes have them on clearance throughout the season. Seven of them would be plenty. Plant far enough back to keep them from growing too far over your patio.
  • Red Cottage Chronicles Red Cottage Chronicles on Feb 03, 2015
    A row of pyramid cedars make a nice privacy screen. I know in our area you can get them for about $20 each and plant them fairly close together. You can plant them in a wooden planter as well. Just make sure you water in very well for the first month or so!
  • Jennifer Thompson Jennifer Thompson on Feb 03, 2015
    An easy, non-permanent solution is to place 4 large planters at equal distances along the border where you seek privacy. In those planters, place upright supports and affix chicken wire to the supports (lattice could work but it can get heavy and the slats break easily). At this point you'll have a virtual wall. In each planter, place any fast-growing vine (vegetable or floral) and allow them to weave in and out of the chicken wire. This will provide you with a privacy wall that's also beautiful.
  • Sportnsamski Sportnsamski on Feb 03, 2015
    also with the above planters put in some Bamboo-in planters though because their roots are NOT DEEP, put some "Rose of Sharon", its beautiful and dense and fast growing, then maybe instead of the Bamboo, how about some Leyland Cypress trees. Those would be your best bets. Go with the Leyland Cypress and Rose of Sharon alternating with the Rose of Sharon possibly in pots to give you height in the beginning.
  • Chelseaboots Chelseaboots on Feb 03, 2015
    Local farm market have used cedar hedging in just the large black tubs from garden nurseries. It provides privacy and blocks people from cutting through the cafe area. If there is enough area to plant that is always the best. For a cheaper alternative my Mom & Dad used narrow shallow planters with lattice in them. Then grew scarlet runner beans which grow quick and if planted close together a nice privacy screen.
  • Carole Carole on Feb 04, 2015
    Lattice or trellis and if it will grow in your area - potato vine seems to grow pretty fast and once established is indestructible. That or bougainvillea or plumbago. These plants are climbers and grow very dense. Cutting them back seems to encourage more growth!
  • Karon Nelson Roberts Karon Nelson Roberts on Feb 04, 2015
    Is it covered...could hang outside blinds, or build a room dividers. That way you can fold them back when you want more openness. I'm sure you could find ideas for room dividers on here and I've found some great ideas on pinterest for room dividers. Good Luck and post pictures on what you decide to do.....
  • Sherry Woolever Sherry Woolever on May 27, 2015
    A portable privacy screen, 2 large planters (i used inexpensive plastic) placed a PVC pipe in the center cut to the top of planter and set it in concrete about 1/2 way. Built a lattice framed with "Legs" to set into the PVC (make sure the pipe is large enough for the "legs" of the lattice screen. It can be a wide as you need by adding an additional planter for the center. Add soil to the top of the planters, we used "morning glory" which climbs rapidly for color. Can be taken down at the end of the season and stored for the next!