How do I attract hummingbirds?

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  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Aug 06, 2019

    If you know hummers live in your area, you need to plant flowers! They love color and nectar. Flowers with a throat are often their favorites. If you're an apartment dweller and have a porch or patio on the second or third floor and don't have room for a lot of flowers, the company perky-pet has a wide variety of hummingbird feeders and nectars for them. You can find these products online and in many local stores. I hang mine on Shepard's Hooks in the garden, too. The thing about hummers - once they find you, they tend to stick around. Give them a chance - at least two summers. Or, if you live in the deep south or southwest, 6 months. They'll find you if they live in the area.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Aug 06, 2019

    They love red. Fill a hummingbird feeder with red simple syrup. Or plant things like trumpet vine.

  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Aug 06, 2019

    They are attracted to anything red. Get a hummingbird feeder and the liquid food to put in it.

  • Loriann Loriann on Aug 06, 2019

    Buy one or more specialized hummingbird feeders that are sturdy and easy to clean. Make sure there is red and yellow coloring somewhere on them. Make your own food. Boil 4 cups of pure water and dissolve 1 cup of sugar into it (pure cane -NO OTHER TYPE OF SWEETENER!) . Allow to cool and pour into feeder container. (Excess can be stored in refrigerator. ) DO NOT ADD ANY KIND OF COLORING TO THIS! Hang feeder in a visible place but near a bush or vine where hummingbirds can go for protection. Change liquid at least weekly and more if it's very hot. Clean feeder with a mixture of vinegar and water (no bleach), rinse and dry well.

    If you have a garden, try to grow flowers in reds, oranges, and yellows with tubular shapes. (Bee Balm, Foxglove, Weigela, Trumpet Vine, Columbine, Salvia, Honeysuckle, etc.) Be patient!

  • Hummers love Honeysuckle, Trumpet Vine, & Buddleia in my yard. They even get territorial over them. While hanging clothes they do fly by's on me! You'll learn their whistle and know when they are there, even if you don't see them. I also see them around my Salvia, Columbine, and petunias. My Mom always had a Bottle Brush tree for the Hummers, they loved it. She had it outside her kitchen window so she could always see them.

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    • Yes, you can prune them into a small tree shape or let them grow naturally into a bush. The blooms look like bristle of a " bottle brush " you would use for baby bottles. The blooms are red with yellow tips, Very hardy

  • G G on Aug 06, 2019

    Thank you. This is my second year trying. I think I saw just one the other day none since. Do they come a specific time?

  • Put out feeders for them. I have 5. Mine love pineapple sage, bee balm, chives that have left to go to seed. Mine are chatty and let me know if a feeder needs attention. (I clean and fill daily.) One little girl sits by some of feeders and tries to chase others off.