How can I install some sort of outdoor security lights/motion sensors?


I am in need of outdoor lighting! Preferably motion sensor. On fixed income. TIA

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  • I have motion sensor lighting all over my house. Love it. Just do one at a time as your budget allows. Don't limit yourself to what big box home improvement centers offer, shop around all lighting shops in your area.

  • try solar walkway lights. They are cheap and easy.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Sep 04, 2019

    I have some solar lights from walmart that are incredibly bright that illuminate my walkway in a dark sky rural environment. The kit was less that $25.

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    • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Sep 05, 2019

      Im sorry I cannot find this purchase on my Walmart account history. My husband actually found this 5 pc boxed set on the shelf, not sure if it was clearance priced or not, purchased about this time last year.

      Its a 5 pc compromising of 3 -lantern and 2 -spotlights, boy the spotlights are bright like automobile headlights Ive seen them on 2-3 AM on the daily solar charge. Very impressed with the quantity of light thrown we were thinking of stairway tread mounted lights but these exceeded our expectations. Hope this helps.

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 04, 2019

    I like the motion detector lights as when they flash on it alerts me. I also have a Driveway Patrol that sets off an alarm in my house when someone comes up the driveway (BUT it is sensetive to windy plant movement).

    I also put in solar lights along the driveway. I also have a back and driveway double light fixture that I can flip on.

    Those new Ring doorbells are great security too.