Are these some sort of bug eggs or ... ?

Hi y'all.
I found this little pile on my windowsill a few weeks ago & this morning it was back. I thought it might be some sort of "borer" creature, because it looks almost like sawdust/wood pulp residue, but there is no evidence in either the window header or the frame. Ideas? (I have small terracotta pots with succulents on the windowsill, if that matters). Is something just laying eggs in this location? I do find Ladybugs here from time to time, so if that's the case I don't want to throw them in the garage disposal!
Thank you ~
q are these some sort of bug eggs or
q are these some sort of bug eggs or
SO - I decided to remove these "whatevers" after all & discovered a tiny hole in the windowsill. Like maybe something was boring UP to lay eggs or escape or ...?

ANYWAY, I poured about 2 TBLS of distilled cleaning vinegar onto and around the hole and it went "glug, glug, glug" and all but disappeared.

Any NEW thoughts?

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