Bugs find their way into our sunroom

by Sha1618317
This is the 5th year in this house in Minneapolis. There's a 3 season sunroom with glass windows and patio door, all closed tight. The walls are made of some sort of logs. During warm season, we have seen flies, moths and even paper wasps flying inside it, making the room unusable. Last year we had a contractor seal all the outside and inside joints. But, now we are seeing the flies and moths again. Who can I ask for help?
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  • Shira Shira on May 03, 2015
    @SLS Construction & Building Solutions LLC do you have any advice?
  • What is the flooring / anyway they are coming up from underneath? Moths are tough as if there is a light & one opens the door they will fly in same with flies - all you can do is swat them or shoo them out. You might see about spraying the area to eliminate any larvae
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    • @Sharmakdeep If everything is sealed up great, that just might have been some that hatched (they don't take long to grow) & hopefully that is the end of them. You will probably always have a few stragglers that manage to get in from the door but that is the joy of nature. If you still have intrusions - look for spider webs, that is where air is flowing through & might be where / pretty close to where they might be sneaking in
  • Sha1618317 Sha1618317 on May 04, 2015
    I am attaching a few pictures of the sun-room to give better idea.
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