How can I find out what's burrowing under my carpet pad?


A few months ago I suspected something got into my home while I was bringing in groceries.Months later I have burrow marks all over my living room, dining room carpet. What could this be?I have Clarks pest control and they seem to be as puzzled as I am. What ever it is it has big burrow pathsall over the place. Can anyone out there help?

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  • William William on Oct 23, 2019

    Pest control should set some live traps. They also should be able to determine or find what it is. Could be a mole, chipmunk etc.

    • Maggie Maggie on Oct 24, 2019

      I have Clarks pest control and they just seem to smile and try traps in areas. They have not been any help in 5 months. It took that long for the burrowing or rooting to occur.

  • Ellis Ellis on Oct 24, 2019

    Get a new pest control company, the one you have isn't doing the job.

    After you catch the critter, consider ripping out the old and installing new carpet, because the critter has surely left waste all over the place under your carpets.

  • If it were me, I would pull the carpet back and find out. The area needs to be sanitized. And get whatever it is out! Anyone you know that will loan out their cat or dog for a few days?

  • Maggie Maggie on Oct 24, 2019

    Thanks for your help. I'm installing hardwood floors so everything is going.

    • Ellis Ellis on Oct 24, 2019

      That's great--I'm sure you'll love it--everyone I know who has gone to hardwood flooring is thrilled with it.. Enjoy your new floors.

  • KastGrin KastGrin on Oct 12, 2021

    My friend works for a company that is engaged in the extermination of insects and he usually helps me every season.

  • Rogalik Rogalik 2 days ago

    You should switch to a different company is this is the case