How can I keep weeds from coming back in Mei Garden?

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  • There is a product called Preen. It works well.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Apr 06, 2021

    You can use vinegar to kill them, but the new weeds will pop up, seeds blow, animals run through carrying are some tips for control and prevention:

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Apr 06, 2021

    Preen will help or putting down a barrier but the only sure thing is pulling them. UGH! Even with barrier and spray, I have them pop up in mine because the wind will blow seeds into the area. If there is a tsp of dirt, I believe a weed will grow.

  • Em Em on Apr 06, 2021

    Not likely you will keep weeds out. Weed cloth, mulch, help but nothing will keep weeds out permanently. Person above suggested vinegar but the will kill plants you do want.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Apr 06, 2021

    You can pull the weeds then use Preen found at hardware stores and Walmart but weeds will continue to come back- you can buy sprays that will kill them but read instructions so that you don't kill the plants you want to keep - there is nothing that stops weeds completely from returning

  • Mogie Mogie on Apr 06, 2021

    There isn't a product that keeps weeds out of the garden because they grow back. It is sort of like your hair you can go and get it cut but it grows so you have to keep getting it trimmed to maintain your look or style.

    I use 1 gallon of vinegar, 1 cup of salt and 1 tablespoon of dawn. Mix apply in the morning on a sunny day so it can cook all day.

  • Weeds are torturous, aren't they?! They never seem to go away. Really the only tried and truest way to prevent weeds from coming back is to pull them and get the roots.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 07, 2021

    Hello. Weeds are a chronic problem. Sometimes supplying mulches are helpful and there is a preen product that some find useful.

    • Hand pulling or using an appropriate weeding tool are the primary means of mechanical weed control in lawns. This is a viable option at the beginning of an infestation and on young weeds. Hand pulling when the soil is moist makes the task easier. Weeds with tap roots like dandelions or have a basal rosette (leaves clustered close to the ground) like plantain are easier to pull than weeds such as Bermudagrass (wiregrass) or creeping Charlie (ground ivy) that spread with stolons or creeping stems that root along the ground.

    In addition there are chemicals that you can apply that are both natural and commercial. Hope this helps.

  • Betsy Betsy on Apr 08, 2021

    Hi Nancy: Here is a recipe I use and it works pretty good.

    1 gallon of white vinegar

    2 cups of Epsom salts

    1/4 cup of dish washing detergent, like Dawn.

    Mix the vinegar and salt until the salt is completely dissolved.

    Mix in the Dawn until mixed well, but not all fuzzy and sudsy, sort of swirl it around.

    Put in a spray bottle and spray the weeds liberally, in the morning after the dew has gone. Then, by evening the weeds should be dead or on their way out. Don't spray anything you want to keep or it will die too. I have used this and it works quite well. Also, it's good for making an edging as it kills only what it touches. If you have something like a piece of cardboard, hold it up and down, edgewise, and spray the area you want as an edge. Just be careful not to spray your flowers and/or bushes. Good luck


    1 gallon white vinegar

    1 cup of salt

    1 Tbsp liquid Dawn

    Combine ingredients and put into a spray bottle and spray the weeds at the sunniest time of day.

    This mix is very effective so make sure it doesn’t spray on something you DON’T want to kill.

    If you pull the weeds, don't shake the dirt off of the roots as seeds are hiding on the roots and you will just be replanting the weeds :(

    Good luck

  • Dee Dee on Apr 12, 2021

    Mulch your garden. First put a layer of newspaper and then put mulch on top of the paper. It will keep the garden soil cool and keep weeds out. owes and Home Depot have a sale on mulch until the end of April, Check it out.