How do I get rid of wisteria?

by Linda

We removed the large wisteria vines and roots years ago but sprouts still come up along edges and many yards from the original location. I just keep removing them !!!

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  • Drown the area in white vinegar next time you dig them out. Repeat after every rain event.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jul 18, 2019

    The roots will continue to grow under ground several options you can try straight vinegar,pour onto plants soaking center so it gets down into root area do in full hot sun no rain for at least 3 days or you will need to repeat-diluted vinegar will not work...but you will need 25%-30% to try to kill such an old woody vine. additional info. OR Dig out main root ball underground OR yes the dreaded..........

    Round up only kills what you get it on....add food coloring to the Round-Up so you can see it.Get the concentrate 365 mix 1/2 concentrate with 1/2 water. Put sprayer nozzle down onto leaves/plant you are trying to kill and only spray single plant at a's absorbed thru plant leaves then into stem/stalk then root system killing plant.Round up works best when plant is in vigorous growing stages so it will be absorbed into leaves into plant then root system.Respray asap if you see any new growth and do not let new shoots plants get too big/strong. The more you kill just the tops/cut them off/pull out & don't get all of root system the more the roots/rhizomes spread underground, just keep looking for new plants starting thru out next month and spray it before it gets out of control some plants are more invasive than others so will spread under ground at a faster rate. Do not spray in any breeze or wind. Get good sprayer that has adjustable spray nozzle so you can control over spraying. Don't use wide spray pattern or hard stream(reduce splashing). Do not use a back-pack sprayer(if it leaks on you you'll be joining lawsuits). Getting the concentrate and mixing your own is best & get a good 2 gallon hand held pump sprayer. Use disposable gloves,do not get in/walk in wet solution.As soon as it dries 1 hour it's safe.Spray then walk backwards to next area/plant,don't walk thru area you just sprayed. If you spill it dilute with lots of water asap. Mix it where you will be spraying or somewhere you can clean up.Yes it's hazardous just as it has always stated on labels. just as hazardous as many household products we use everyday like fertilizers,pesticides, flea & tick meds for our pets,paints,cleaning products etc..Wash up well after using including the clothes you have worn. If you got it on your shoes wash them or toss them,do not continue using Round-Up it has its purpose but should be limited as to being used regularly. long term use is really not not use it around anything you'll be eating or your pets may eat.