How do I stop squirrels ?


Can anyone give me a hack for stopping squirrels from chewing up my outdoor furniture? This time of year they start getting bedding for their homes. Last year they destroyed my cushions so I bought new ones this year and sprayed them with “pet no” which was suppose to work but after a few days they started on one of my brand new cushions and now it’s has a big hole on the top of it.

I would like a natural hack so I don’t surf them. I put chili pepper on there which worked but it looked awful and after it rained it was gone.


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  • Mogie Mogie on Sep 15, 2018

    Neva there is a product call Squirrel Stopper. People spray it around the base or legs of furniture. It stops chipmunks and squirrels from nesting. It is humane way to control this behavior.

    • Neva Barker Neva Barker on Sep 16, 2018

      The problem is they do not mest they are tearing the stuffing out if the cushions for their nests in the trees. They do not get near the legs at all. They jump from the trees to the various outdoor items and onto the chairs. So putting anything on the ground would not deter them from getting to the cushions unfortunately. I need something I can put in the cushions themselves.

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Sep 15, 2018

    Wow, you have crazy squirrels, ours never do that. Might want to get a cat or dog.

    • Neva Barker Neva Barker on Sep 16, 2018

      we do have cats outside. Our neighbors cats are always over in our yard. The squirrels are used to the cats so they watch for them very carefully. Even if my neighbors cats weren’t around I personally do not approve of having cats outdoors, it’s not safe for them so mine are indoors only. Thank you anyway.

  • Give them something to work with. Scraps of fabric, yarn, cut up old dish rags or towels. Just like you do for birds in spring building their nests. Place a pile by each chair every night before you close up and go to bed. Or remove the cushions when not in use. Yes a pain and exactly why deck boxes were invented, to keep textiles safe from wildlife.

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    • That will work! I live in a land of endless summer so most of my stuff is out year round. I also have 3 dogs, 6 indoor/ outdoor cats (the laziest cats on the face of the earth and the worst mousers in history) a canary, a dragon, (all rescues and hand me downs from those that have passed on), 3 neighbor dogs, my ex hubby's 3 visiting dogs (up to 9 dogs now), toddler next door and anything else that walks in the front door. My 11.5 year old doberman terrier mix is a great mouser and chases squirrels if I let her. I do take "the good stuff in" even if it is a bit inconvenient just to protect from the blazing sun when not in use.

  • Neva Barker Neva Barker on Sep 16, 2018

    I have found out that the squirrels are doing it during the daytime, not in the evening. So basically I would have to put them out only when in use which is not feasible at all. Thankfully I don’t have a horde as large as yours, I’m not sure I could handle that anymore. I had that when my children were home, now they’re not so thankfully it’s much more calmer. At least till the grandchildren start coming, then it might be just as crazy if not more.

    I just have it outside now for evening meals maybe and when guests come over and when I want to break and read.