How to kill yucky grass?


A few years ago, I had my backyard hydroseeded. It has never looked good. Initially the company said "give it some time, the weeds will be squeezed out by the new grass". A few years later, the ratio of weeds to grass is aboyut a 4:1 and the weeds are totally winning despite my efforts to kill them and add more grass seed etc. It loooks awful.

I have made the big decision to get rid of my weeds/grass, put down new soil, and have it sodded. I do not want to spend any more money trying to save it.

I would like to avoid adding loads of chemicals. I have read about cardboard and newspapers. Has anyone actually done this? I could use some guidance. Thank you.

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  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 11, 2019

    Do it when the moon is full going into 4th quarter or it will grow thru or up around the barriers.Use black landscaping thick plastic. The third and fourth quarters are after the full moon when the light is waning or decreasing, and the energy is drawing down.In the fourth quarter there is decreased gravitational pull and moonlight, and this is considered a resting period.From full Moon through the last quarter, or the dark of the Moon, is the best time for killing weeds, thinning, pruning, mowing, cutting timber, and planting below-ground crops. you could also dump vinegar on it you'll need to buy it in bulk/55 gallon drum

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    • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 12, 2019

      Use black landscaping thick plastic.....not fabric. 2 different things with fabric everything just gets imbedded in it/on it & grows up thru holes.Fabric is mainly used for water drainage & to help hold soil in place not a weed retardant. No yard/garden care is easy, it's constant work, you have just let it go to point it's out of control now really alot of extra work. Sounds like you need to hire someone to remove everything and pour cement, Voila no care needed( just spray the cracks with vinegar to keep weeds from growing in them). Then add some containers around for a few flowers to break up the hardscape.

  • Marie Marie on Mar 11, 2019

    You could hire someone to come in with a machine and pick up the top 3 or 4”, and then come in with topsoil about 4”. Reseed again. Good luck.- marie

  • Yes, many have used this method. But it takes time. If you have it, great, go for it. I had the same problem with my backyard last year. I am in zone 9 and had a limited timeframe to get it done. I used plain old white vinegar in a spray pump. Cut the grass / weeds as short as you can. Load the pump sprayer up and go to town. Apply liberally. Really drench it. Mine took two applications. Then get a sod cutter to cut it all out. Then prep the area for sod. I won't use chemicals as I have pets, lots of them, visiting children, and the chemicals are bad for us as well as the environment. That's my vote. 🌞

  • Too much pumping for vinegar. It's a big yard.

  • Have been down that road before Naomie.