Removing tree with termites

I have a tree that I need to cut down on the side of my house. The only worry I have is it's infested with termites. I'm afraid once the tree is disturbed they will migrate to my house. Any suggestions on safely removing the tree???? Is there a way to treat it for the termites before cutting it down?
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  • Termites travel through tunnels because they do not like sunlight. If the tree is within 10 feet or so I would have a termite company come out. Many companies do a free inspection in hopes that you will sign up. The chemicals used to treat for termites are very toxic! They are out there but if you live in an area where termites are problem, then I would call in a professional. If the tree is far away from the house, I would just have the tree cut down and immediately taken away and look for a termite treatment for the area. Hope this helps

  • Judy Johnson Judy Johnson on Apr 08, 2014
    Sorry, no. Good luck.

  • Bill Croley Bill Croley on Aug 07, 2015
    Absolutely happened to us many years ago. I decided to burn out an old tree stump not realizing it had termites. By the time I found them in my basement the whole house had to be treated. It got rid of them but I wish I had treated that tree stump first.

    • B. Enne B. Enne on Aug 08, 2015
      @Bill Croley That happens with carpenter ants too. We had them in a retaining wall, so we removed 2/3 of it 1 summer, and let them migrate to the 2nd part. Then next spring, we treated that small part before removing it.