How do I stop iguanas from pooping in our pool?

by Esther
  5 answers
  • Jill Ron Pike Jill Ron Pike on Aug 28, 2018

    Fence it in?

  • Asn26895873 Asn26895873 on Aug 28, 2018

    I’ve heard that if you give them a separate fresh water source, they will stay out of your pool.

  • Ana Bacallao Ana Bacallao on Aug 28, 2018

    I know that down here in South Florida it is a huge problem. Most people end up hiring a professional to get rid of them as it is against the law to shoot them.

  • Nevena MacLean Nevena MacLean on Aug 28, 2018

    l don’t know much about iguanas but to stop snails l use the sharp gravel ( they hate crawling over ). Also find out about the small that inspires them when choosing their place for that kind of action and place anondance of it somewhere else ( where you would rather see them do it) - like for instance “ammonia” used in cleaners is what makes dogs mark it. Or try the other way round. Like cats won’t go if you spray the space with WD-40 ( might work for iguanas- works well with wasps as well)

  • Mogie Mogie on Nov 04, 2022

    Putting Up Fences

    The first option is to put up fences around your property. Make sure to put the fences 2 to 3 feet down the ground. If not, iguanas can easily dig under and still get through.

    Grow Plants Iguanas Don’t Eat

    If you have a backyard with plants that iguanas love munching on, you have to change them. When you grow plants that iguanas don’t eat, you eliminate one reason for them to come in. Here is a list of 10 plants iguanas don’t eat.