How do I get rid of weeds in my asparagus patch?


We have an asparagus patch that gets so full of weeds. Is there anything you can spray on the area after the plant has died down for the season that won't kill the asparagus?? Thanks

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  • Mogie Mogie on Mar 27, 2019

    Hand pulling is best if the asparagus is already up and the weeds are also up.

    Corn gluten meal is non-toxic and has pre-emergent properties (prevent weed seeds from sprouting).

    Post emergents can be used after the last harvest when no spears are above the soil or in early spring spread it over the entire bed before shoots appear. Make sure no herbicide contacts the plant material or you could kill the crowns. It is safe to use as long as the product only contacts soil, and will remain in the soil to kill sprouting weeds.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 27, 2019

    No------nothing I'd want to eat in/with my veggies-pull weeds when young 2-4"s tall never let them bloom or get seed heads on them,pull them when soil is wet so you get entire root system, some weeds spread underground if all of the root system is not removed.Layer of straw mulch to cover ground or 6"s of clean mulch/finer ground over surface before weeds come up will help deter most of them, weeds needs lots of sun to germinate,then hand pull as soon as you see any coming thru.

  • Having a vegetable garden does require maintenance. You have 2 choices. Weed by hand to dig them out, or smother them. Smothering is the easy way, no sun = no grow and easier on back and knees. Any "spray" could harm or poison your plants.

  • Amanda Amanda on Mar 27, 2019

    Hi Peggy. I wouldn't spray them. It could harm the plants, and not safe for you either. I would wait until it rains and the ground is soft and pull them out. I have the same problem and that's what I do. Good Luck!