How do I safely get rid of weeds permanently?


I have been fighting weeds each and every year and just can't seem to eliminate them permanently. Is there anything i can do to get rid of them safely. I live in the desert and have crushed stones in my yard. PS: I have a dog and do not want to kill her off too!

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  • Jean Drake Jean Drake on Mar 06, 2019

    I’ve heard of-pouring straight vinegar with the dew.

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Mar 06, 2019

    Try vinegar and salt.

  • Art teacher Art teacher on Mar 06, 2019

    Tried the salt, but not the vinegar... will do and thank you for your help!

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Mar 06, 2019

    Hello, Do you wish to establish week control using home remedies or purchased chemical ones?

    There are many natural household type of ways to eliminate your weeds, these very helpful links from Hometalk are a great resource.

    Best wishes on your war with weeds-Happy gardening!

  • You will never get of weeds permanently. Mother Nature always wins. Weeds are spread by wind, wildlife and people. I live in a similar climate and have a house full of pets. Here is what I use. Boiling water - I use 2 kettles a day year round. Epsom salt followed by boiling water. Plain old white vinegar. Easy, quick, simple and cheap. Pet and kid safe as well as environmentally friendly. No chemicals.

  • This is the most effective all-natural weed killer DIY that we use. It's even been featured on Hometalk! Hope this helps! Hugs, Holly

  • Joyceawhitt Joyceawhitt on Mar 07, 2019

    I really hate weeds too, but with spring just around the corner please don't forget that the honey bees that all of us need to have a successful summer garden are needing dandelions to survive until the vegetables and fruits are producing pollen. The honey bees are already having a hard time to survive, and without them we too may have a hard time to survive. Look for plants that are bee friendly, that has both the nectar and pollen they need and will encourage butterflies too.