What to use to kill weeds?


What can I use to kill weeds? My neighbor at the back of me have weeds that’s growing taller than me and you and it’s wrapping around my Latrice fence. It’s really annoying. Many many times i’ve Climbed up and cut it out but it keeps doing the same thing over and over again. Please help. I know about round-up but it’s too expensive to be using like that, it’s really really a lot of tall bushes and they are not doing anything about it. I just would like to use something that’s homemade and not too expensive. And because of all the bushes back there we have a lot of mosquitoes, we can’t even sit at the back of our porch we are being eaten alive. Please help.

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  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Sep 17, 2018

    Spray with a mix of 1 gallon of vinegar, with 1 tablespoon of dish liquid. Do not use this on plants you want to save.

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Sep 17, 2018

    Can you put a solid fenced section behind your lattice to block their weeds from coming through your lattice? Otherwise the best would be to pull them up roots and all.

  • Babette Babette on Sep 17, 2018

    We always us a product called ROUNDUP from Lowe's. Works for us with heavy vines and grasses! You can buy it ready-to-use in sprayer bottles; or go the "cheaper-route" and get a bottle of concentrate and mix your own solution with water using the ratios and directions on the container. Either way, be sure to wear a mask and gloves just to be safe!

    • Babette Babette on Sep 17, 2018

      Oh I am soooo sorry! I quickly hasten to come back in immediately now to apologize as I did not see ALL of your message (Apparently it was initially only partially) showing on my screen with your mention of Roundup until AFTER, ugh, I hit the 'send button' with my reply. :( On that note, by all means do disregard the response I sent ...... as I perfectly now understand your own experience and concern! :)

  • Sam Sam on Sep 17, 2018

    White vinegar actually makes a powerful all-natural herbicide. (But it can’t tell the difference between weeds and other plant life, so be careful not to accidentally splash it on any plants you want to keep around!) Adding a small amount of dish soap to the mix helps the vinegar stick to your weeds, rather than drip right off.

    Add your desired amount of white vinegar to a spray bottle, along with 1 teaspoon of dish soap.

  • Janice Janice on Sep 17, 2018

    A very inexpensive and potent weed killer is:

    1 gallon white vinegar, 1 cup of Table Salt and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Mix together and pour into a spray bottle or in your case maybe a garden sprayer and spray the weeds/plants on your fence line with that. Since the weeds are large it may take a lot of it. I doubt you can do much with the plants that are actually on their property other than to perhaps notify the city/county authorities of the issue. That problem has to be VERY annoying, but it is legal to trim/remove any branches, etc. at your property line and above.

    Another thought is to talk to your neighbors in an effort to get them to do some cleanup or ask permission to spray part way onto their property to keep you fence clear. Sometimes others are totally unaware of their responsibilities. :(

  • Boiling after works wonders but it sounds like you have a lot to do. Vinegar will work, and is cheap, $2 a gallon. Skip the round up - read this:


    There are plants that repel mosquitoes, grow them in pots on your patio/porch. Get an oscillating fan and put it on when you want to sit outside. Flying insects do not like the breeze and will stay away.

    If you live in a high fire danger area you can get the Fire Marshall out and have them clean it up. Can be done anonymously so they can't blame you.

  • Louise Louise on Sep 17, 2018

    burn the weeds