Asked on Jun 23, 2017

Why does my home get all of the spider webs between the windows and

the screens?

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  • Johanna Vanderveen Johanna Vanderveen on Jun 23, 2017
    we have our house spayed once a year and no problems with spider webs anywhere! Worth doing!!!!!

  • Lea4803241 Lea4803241 on Jun 23, 2017
    Mine do this also and are not made so I can clean inside them. It looks awful and is rather senseless to even clean them. I assume they get that way because they have lost their seal. I don't actually have spiders, just "dust webs" is what I call them. I hope you find a fix, I sure would like to. Good luck!

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jun 23, 2017
    If you think there is a break in the seal and you're getting 'dust webs' you should call the manufacturer of the windows. If the seal is broken and they are double paned, they aren't working right and that is cost in you money in heat or cooling loss.

  • Liz Toone Liz Toone on Jun 23, 2017
    You should spray the area every once in awhile or call an exterminator,

    • Lera Hughes Lera Hughes on Sep 10, 2018

      Do you mean spray between the screens and the glass … maybe from the outside through the screens.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 23, 2017
    My girlfriend used to come spray a vinegar concoction around my house about 10 feet out to relocate the spiders back into the perimeter of the yard, and it worked. We get big 50 cent sized garden spider here in Oregon.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jun 23, 2017
    The webs are between the windows because the spiders and their eggs did not get into your house. To get in the middle, the seal must be broken. But spider eggs that are layed on screens hatch on the inside, and they hatch, knowing how to spin webs, even if they starve in the window. Look in the bottom of the window and you will probably see lots of brown dust--dead spiders and fallen webs. Replacing these windows is pretty expensive, but this is part of your home's insulation. If you can't afford that, then at least caulk the windows all around the sides for some help with your fuel bill. Best wishes 😇

  • KattywhampusLOL KattywhampusLOL on Jun 23, 2017
    Hello Patricia, your question made me think of my house. The following link is to a site that, to me, gives the most thorough information on the subject of spiders in the house. In my case they get between the windows and screens in warmer seasons, and seem to move inside during colder seasons (hmmmm... I believe warmth might be one of the resons, but now I think I need to pay more attention to areas I usually ignore .. like the furnace area of the basement). Anyway, I have posted a link to the wewbpage below. I hope this will be of some help to you. Have a great summer :)

  • KattywhampusLOL KattywhampusLOL on Jun 23, 2017
    Well Patricia, after I posted it to you I clicked on it to send the information to my sister also, and it didn't work :( I am so so sorry! let's try this again >>