Pondless Waterfall Longmeadow, MA

This Pondless Waterfall in Longmeadow, MA utilizes massive boulders and multiple cascades to take advantage of the challenging slope. The sight and sounds of the variety of waterfalls is directed at the large patio and living spaces of the brand new home built at the base of hill.
Who would not want to wake up each morning to the melodious sounds of cascading water from your very own pondless waterfall?
This steep slope presented design challenges, but called out for a waterfall.
Massive boulders are set into the hill to create granite outcroppings. The waterfalls will wend their way down the slope.
Waterfall drops and pools are carved into the slope.
Large waterfalls allow our "Rock Artists" to create a variety of different waterfall treatments including driftwood, horsetail, rapids and sheet falls.
Plugging in the waterfall pumps for the first time is always eagerly anticipated!
The Picture Perfect Ponds team is highly satisfied with their latest custom creation.
With the use of varying waterfall treatments, we create both bass and treble sounds which are music to the ears.
As the landscape plantings mature, they will soften the stone and help with the transition from water feature to surrounding landscape.
This low maintenance custom water creation incorporates a skimming bay to collect leaves and other wind blown material.
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