How to transform back yard?


Our back yard is small with little to no grass. We are looking for a easy, inexpensive ,dog friendly way of transforming it. We also have 6 seater table with chairs that will be there. Also our yard can get really muddy. We are not experienced diyers

q hoe to transform back yarf
q hoe to transform back yarf
q hoe to transform back yarf
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  • Thelma Thelma on Sep 02, 2018

    Hi, The table and chairs should be on a concrete patio so you and visitors can remain out of the dirt/mud when out in the yard. The dog should be trained to use only one corner as a 'bathroom' and that area needs cleaned immediately after it's used. Plant grass seed all over the dirt area after the patio has been poured and has dried & cured. Then train the dog to NOT dig. Add any flowers in pots so they can be set on the patio and not kill out the grass. This should give you a great place to entertain guests or just to relax yourselves. Good Luck!

    • April April on Sep 03, 2018

      I forgot to say we are pouring concrete may not work, but the plants would help. Thanks for great ideasπŸ˜‰

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Sep 02, 2018

    April, Hi. I'd start with painting the table legs first, turn the table upside down. If the glass comes out do that first. If it don't lay it on some tarp or drop cloth. Next paint the base for the umbrella, but it looks rusty, so sand it first. Put outdoor paint with a sealer to protect it from the weather. Maybe a birdhouse or two hanging from the trees, if you have one. If you like to BBQ, put that near the fence but put it some space from the fence. The ground, I don't know how much pavers cost but I would put them under the table and chairs, and the BBQ. You could also make a frame and pour cement under the table, so you have a patio. I hope this is of some help. Aloha!

    • April April on Sep 03, 2018

      Thank you. I think I'm going to take a little of each person's ideas and run with it. πŸ€”πŸ˜‰

  • Mona Blake Mona Blake on Sep 02, 2018

    Make a smal bed of grass big enough to hold doggie do for 2 days. Go to the market on Facebook and look for free rock. Put down weed barrier cloth and start moving rock! We did our yard last year. 6 truck loads of free rock and trandsformed it from blaw to wow!

    • April April on Sep 03, 2018

      Thanks. I like the idea of a patch of grass for the dog towards the back. I'm still searching for rock and pavers on fb. πŸ˜‰

  • Kathryn Kathryn on Sep 02, 2018

    First, put a fence or lattice around those garbage cans with a lid so you won't see them every time you go down the stairs. The table and chairs need a concrete slab, I wouldn't use pavers or stepping stones under the table and chairs because eventually they have weeds grow through no matter how much weed barrier you use. The solid concrete is much more stable. I would make a separate concrete pad for the grill and stepping stones so that you can move around in the yard from one area to the other when it is muddy. Definitely either sow grass seed or put down sod, (much quicker, instant satisfaction). You have enough room to have some shrubs, flowering plants, and even a small tree if you want. I wouldn't put in a tree that drops leaves a lot...maybe an evergreen. Put some of the rope lights around, nothing makes an outdoor area look better as pretty lights at night. You could also put out some solar lights around the concrete slab where the table and chairs are. I'm all for windchimes, rainchains, whirlygigs, things that move in the garden. It looks like your fence needs a weatherproofing sealer. The bottom is wet in places and will rot out. You can also change the look by putting a redwood or other stain on the fence if you want, it will also protect it. As far as your dog goes, or where it goes, we have three dogs and we don't worry a lot about where they go because we pick it up with a pooper scooper every day. If there is one that is messy, you can hose off the area after you pick up the poop. You don't need to do all of this at once. I would get the concrete slab put in first and cover up those cans. Put the grass in and then do the other projects as you want. Enjoy!

    • April April on Sep 03, 2018

      Thanks. You have quite a lot of good ideas.πŸ˜‰

  • JW JW on Sep 02, 2018

    Several people suggested concrete but this is so NOT the best or ecological answer .

    Your garden looks small and shady so first off I suggest you paint the fence to brighten the whole thing up, white, blue, soft greens are all good.

    Screen off those nasty bins and paint the screen too

    Collect some pallets [free] break them down and build long troughs, at least 2 foot deep to edge the back of the garden and plant into them [loads of ideas on youtube]

    Don't even think about trying to cultivate a lawn ! Cover the entire area with a tarpaulin [not weed suppressant fabric, it WILL break down and weeds WILL grow through it ! ] Now use pebbles, slate gravel or some paviours etc to create an interesting surface [don't be afraid to use two or three different textures ] that will drain water off and be ready to walk on at any time. Again, check out youtube

    Paint your garden furniture to work with your fence colour, make some nice pillows to sit on

    Now add pots, baskets, interesting things to draw you into your garden. Most garden centers will advise on plants for shady areas. Add some climbing plants to bring height into your garden.

    Remember, this is your garden NOT the dogs toilet !! Take the dog out morning and evening to do his 'business' A little exercise, good for the dog and good for you ! Then come back and enjoy your garden.

  • Oberlinmom Oberlinmom on Sep 02, 2018

    Just like anything it's going to depend on what think looks the nicest. For me the first objective is the moisture. We have a soggy back yard and to deal with it we try to lift things up. You could get some supports (cement) and create a little deck for your table.

    Flowers and plants you can use the same idea. Build planters to get them out of the mud and keep them safe from dog urine. You'll need some kind of path. We went with stones, small stones with larger stepping stones scattered throughout. This was after our dogs tracked mud then mulch into the house every spring. Yes eventually weeds will grow in the path. If you stay on top of them it's not impossible and the rocks and stone don't break down like mulch will.

    I don't know where you are but if it's hot you'll want to make sure there is greenery to keep the ground cooler. If you don't want a lawn, look into sturdy ground covers. Lilitrope works well in almost all areas. Check with some garden centers to see what would be hardy in your area. Also ask what will hold up to your puppies. Some plants will burn with one contact, others can handle a bit more. Urine is the real killer. If you want to go with raised beds and little on the ground make sure the surface you go with for the dogs isn't going to hurt their feet. Our dogs hit the stepping stones, they aren't crazy about walking on the smaller stuff. You might have stretches of mulch and then the drier path of stones. Good luck, it's easier than you think

  • Thelma Thelma on Sep 04, 2018

    Hi again April; Since this is a rental, talk to your landlord first and get his/her approval on everything you want to do to the yard before you do any of it! Most landlords will be happy to have a renter pour a concrete patio as long as it's done properly. He/she might even be willing to help pay for the cost of having it done by a contractor since a nice patio will not only improve the looks of the property but also improve the value of the property. Good Luck with whatever you do!