Asked on Oct 09, 2013

Wrought Iron Update

Jeannie M
by Jeannie M
I'd like to update the look of this wrought iron post. I was thinking of removing the scroll work and painting it to match the new storm door. My preference is something low/no maintenance. Is there a way to cover it or would that block the stoop in too much? Thanks for your suggestions.
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  • Nancy Spencer Carlson Nancy Spencer Carlson on Oct 09, 2013
    ~This may sound a little --- unconventional, but... I would paint it some bright fun color. Just for kicks. ~If the scrollworks remove easily, removing them would definitely update the look. ~Or cover it with something. It wouldn't block in the area too much, imo. You could always cover it with foamcore board from the Dollar Tree for a while to see if you like it. If you opt for covering it up, I would leave the scrollwork in for support, depending on what you cover the post with. Then write something on the post - 'welcome' or some other thing that makes you happy.
    • Jeannie M Jeannie M on Oct 09, 2013
      @Nancy Spencer Carlson I like unconventional. Maybe I could combine a bright color with writing something on the post. I really should have removed that old flag holder before posting the picture, now that I look at it. Definitely worth looking into some ideas.... Thanks!
  • Dar243693 Dar243693 on Oct 10, 2013
    Sherwin Williams carries a product called DTM (direct to metal) Marine Protective Coating. It's a great product to use on wrought iron and you can get it in different colors. It's not cheap but it will hold and last well on wrought iron
  • Jeannie M Jeannie M on Oct 10, 2013
    I'm willing to pay extra for long lasting. Thanks, I'll check out the colors.
  • Rose S Rose S on Oct 11, 2013
    How about you plant a perennial vine at the base and train it to grow up on it. Green is good and scrolls will not be seen any more.
  • Michelle Michelle on Oct 11, 2013
    It looks like the paint is not chipping off too bad which is good if you plan to repaint it. I took on the task of stripping my old wrought iron posts that looked identical to yours. OH MAN.....if that's the case then hire a profession to do it! Hopefully you can just paint over it!
    • Jeannie M Jeannie M on Oct 11, 2013
      @Michelle That's part of the reason I want to remove the scrolling. I could handle the straight posts but all the curves sound like a pain to deal with.
  • Dottie Dottie on Oct 11, 2013
    I too would plant a perennial vine depending on the sun amount in that spot. If it's shade or part shade you could plant an evergreen hydrangea (usually white flowers) and also a clematis with flower colors you like. (Jackmani has huge purple flowers and flowers throughout the season, grows in sun, part shade.) I would also paint the trellis some pop color to compliment whatever flower color your vines are. You could also combine some evergreen ivy to wind through the other vines so that you have coverage all year.
    • Jeannie M Jeannie M on Oct 11, 2013
      @Dottie I think the evergreen ivy is a good idea. Maybe I could use that as a base for some seasonal decorations.
  • Deanna Riles-Cox Deanna Riles-Cox on Oct 11, 2013
    Be careful of ivy it is invasive to brick. It is hard to control and get rid of. Same with trumpet vine. Beautiful but invasive.
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    • April E April E on Oct 12, 2013
      @Deanna Riles-Cox actually that depends on the type of ivy not all ivies damage brick if you went with boston ivy it has its own "sucker" system that will just peel off the brick with no damage
  • Rose S Rose S on Oct 11, 2013
    @Jeannie - think outside of the box. I would think that a perennial Honeysuckle would look lovely there. They are now avaiilable in some great color blends. It all depends how much sun this area gets. Check with your local nursery, they'll have lots of good plats just for that. Good luck. :-)
  • Deanna Riles-Cox Deanna Riles-Cox on Oct 11, 2013
    Your welcome. I'm sure you've seen those beautiful old brick homes with ivy growing up the side. When the ivy is removed the brick is most of the time damaged. Plus it will lodge into any available nook and cranny. Ask you local greenhouse / landscaper for advice. Enjoy your lovely home.:-)
  • Niki Hart Niki Hart on Oct 11, 2013
    I think I might take out the scroll work and put a stained glass panel in the area....that or take it out completely and replace it with a column and pediments (they sell them at home depot and lowes) for a traditional look.
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    • Jeannie M Jeannie M on Oct 11, 2013
      @Niki Hart Love this idea! Thanks.
  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Oct 11, 2013
    I like Rose S and Dottie's ideas of a climbing vine.
  • Cindy Cindy on Oct 11, 2013
    If it's shady, i would look into bleeding heart vine, several colors available and I grow mine in a good clay pot on either side of my french doors. It has the ivy like effect in a deep green and does not seem to be invasive.
  • Pam Donahue Pam Donahue on Oct 11, 2013
    All the above a very good ideas. A climbing plant, or decorate with some kind of trim- depending on your tastes. If there's nothing wrong with it, such as being rusted or otherwise compromised, experiment with some ideas and see what you come up with. There are a multitude of way to revamp this often ordinary decoration.
  • Rena Rena on Oct 11, 2013
    Enclose in wood and make it look like a more modern column, paint white to match your trim. No matter what you paint the iron it will always be out of style. A column will update your home.
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    • Gladys Gladys on Nov 04, 2015
      @Rena I like the wrought iron trellis too. Use it in your gardening if you don't like them. Does Downton Abbey style go out of style? Sometimes we destroy things that eventually peak in value. I'm in the market for iron trellises and they fetch hefty prices!
  • Jeannie M Jeannie M on Oct 11, 2013 Does anyone have any experience or know of this product?
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    • Heartbeat Heartbeat on Nov 04, 2015
      I agree with Jill, it's reasonably priced. And updates the front of your house.
  • Betty Stine Betty Stine on Oct 11, 2013
    From experience I would look at this before wood. We had wood columns and after twenty years changed them to cement. Rain caused a lot of maintenance problems.
  • Jeannie M Jeannie M on Oct 12, 2013
    Thank you all for your ideas. I'm going to shop around and try a few things before I make a final decision. I'd like to incorporate a couple together maybe? It's a great start. Thanks again!!
  • Blue Blue on Oct 28, 2014
    star jasmine, great scent. my favorite
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 15, 2022

    You could tie iin a coloured back panel either Timber or maybe Plexiglass?