How to refurbish a wrought iron vintage bird cage?

by Lol587243

I need suggestions on how to clean and refurbish an antique vintage bird cage so it will be safe for my African Grey parrot? My husband suggested to have it sandblasted first. Then is powder coating safe?

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  • Cheryl Cheryl on Sep 13, 2018

    I spray painted mine, then put plants, like Ivy inside.

  • I am not to sure about the coating, cant you leave to plain after sandblasting.

  • Rethink that round cage. It can literally drive a bird crazy.

    We did not know this until my brother purchased a pair of love birds about 42 years ago. Bird breeder told us. Guy was a genius. We scouted around and went to bird sanctuaries and read up on this at the library, as there was no Internet back then. I have some friends that have a bird room in their house and they corroborated all the info the bird breeder told us. My old boss has birds too. He said the same thing. African Grays are beautiful birds, make him or her happy! They love mirrors too.

    Admittedly there are millions of stunning round cages out there, but just because they are pretty doesn't mean they are good for the birds.

  • Jan Loehr Jan Loehr on Oct 22, 2018

    Very lovely and creative metal work on this cage, but, from the photo it looks narrow and tall, not wide at all for a bird to do anything in there but sit and stare at you on the small stick in there...I have never had any birds but a parakeet or two many years ago but a parrot is a much larger bird so I would think it deserves a much larger cage to be somewhat happy...

  • Mirna Mirna on Mar 01, 2020

    My mother had a special relation with her birds she left the bird cage open and she flow where ever they wanted one would hang upside down holding from her glasses and sip on her soup or fly by her and fuzz by pulling her hair to get her up,one time the bird venture to the kitchen to inspect the food and when mom went to the back yard outside the bird got out for a stroll and mom would go outside and talked to her her and she came back that was a trip it happen with several birds. Her birds Would came back home it was quite impressive just by the tough of the birds coming back home. Me the only thing I had a yellow love bird with red eyes had him loose and he was smart would go with me to my room and walk on my at bed time and in the day he would fuss at me to twirl and swung him he like it to go in circles and pulled my hair if I didn't do it fast enough he would walk on the dog crate door upstairs to the lace curtain to sit on the to rail was just adorable but I lost him the wind cut a slit on the screen with the weight of a chair and I didn't notice it when it got so windy and he flew out by the time I I saw the hole the house was so quiet I looked every where but it was to windy to try and call. him I went outside with a cage with food but the wind would fly the cage away or trash it I was very sad over I could never recuperate my baby. it so no more birds for me except decorations of pretty birds in cages. This story just popped in my head I hope I don't insult anyone by my honesty just miss my birds specially that yellow one with red eyes I got it because I wanted a canary and I couldn't buy it. Have a blessed night to all!.i will fix my bird cages and have some would birds that look real I c as an put in the cage open lol thanks

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 15, 2022

    Looks a bit small for a Parrot! Ask a Pet shop owner, what he/she would ssuggest or ring a Vet or Parrot keeper and ask them?