How do I update/resurface my faux butcher block countertop?

by Mem31283376

How do I update/resurface my faux butcher block countertop?

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  • Pamela Pamela on Feb 28, 2019

    Hi ! We bought our retirement home a couple of years ago , it was in good shape , but stuck in the 70's 😟 we started updating , but the kitchen was at the bottom of the list , since everything worked ,except the dishwasher . After a while I figured I could update it to at least make it look good . One of the things I did was paint my fake butcher block ( going in the wrong direction ! ) countertops. This is how I did it .

    They do make counter painting kits at home depot , but I didn't like the look and the color I wanted wasn't an option . I went to Benjamin Moore and bought their advance paint and primer each were about $40 . ( I have a lot left over )

    First I prepped the counter. I cleaned them really well and then I used a spray called Krud Kutter de glosser( at home depot for $6 ), this cleans and takes some of the shine off . Then I used a sanding sponge to scuff them up a little. Next , I wiped them down to remove all the dust , then wiped them down again , you don't want to leave any dust !!! Next I carefully taped off the sink , then rolled out 1 coat of primer . After the primer was completely dry I rolled out one coat of advance paint , waited for that to dry and did a second coat of paint ! It came out great !!! Has held up well for the past 2 years , but I am careful , I use a cutting board and use a driver for hot pots. The one drawback is that you need to let the paint cure for 7-10 days , before you put anything back on the countertops . If you get a scratch on them , you can always re paint !

  • William William on Feb 28, 2019

    Rustoleum, Daich, or Giani countertop paint kits.

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  • Annie Annie on Mar 01, 2019

    Hi, we redid the counters using a Giani kit like William suggests. It worked great and we were really happy with the outcome. Here's a link to the project we did:

  • Joy Elizabeth Joy Elizabeth on Mar 04, 2019

    My friend spray painted her countertops with stone effects spray paint, then used to pour on epoxy sealer on top. It held up amazing over the years.

    And I've seen lots of great tutorials also with the Rust-Oleum countertop transformations!

  • We built an inexpensive countertop out of plywood in one day. Hope this helps.

  • Mogie Mogie on May 01, 2023

    Be careful if you paint and then spray stone paint over that. I tried to do similiar using a project from here. You can't hurry that job. The paint needs to cure completely before it accepts the stone spray on paint or you end up with spots that don't stick perfectly and they chip off looks horrible.

  • Deb K Deb K on May 22, 2023

    Hello, you can paint them. Here's how I painted mine.

    Lightly sand to rough the countertop up.

    Go to your paint store, tell them what you are painting, they will pick the proper paint and primer for you, you can even get the primer tinted for a better coverage.

    Once you have sanded, clean with TSP, then rinse and dry thoroughly,

    Apply your primer coat, let it dry according to the instructions.

    Once the primer coat is dry, apply your paint coat, I would apply 2 or 3 as it will be stronger and thicker

    Once your coats dry, you can apply a matte clear coat, either by spray or roll on, keep a small container of it under your sink for touch ups, (I never touched up) I had my counters like this for 12 years, until I could afford new ones.

    I used a few uncolored glass cutting boards for protection from hot frying pans and pots. It held up very well. And only costs you the prices of the materials.