Resurface a laminate countertop

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  • Shu12432247 Shu12432247 on Jan 07, 2018
    Go to a craft store or Home Depo/Lowe’s & buy any grit sand paper, painter’s tape & look for what color of Rustoleum brand of “stone“ paint you like. You can rough up the counters w/ the sandpaper & then vacuum all of the dust off the counters etc. Depending on the color you choose you may want to use a priner like Kilz & spray it or brush/roll it on to use less spray paint & get the coverage/color you want. If you’re spraying the primer you need to tape off all the areas around your countertops...which you will need to do bef you spray the Rustoleum stone paint anyway. If you use a roller I’d buy one of those shorter/narrower ones. After the primer dries (if you use i) then spray paint the countertops. If you’re not happy with the coverage after it dries you can spray another coat. The one thing I did do was seal the countertops when I was finished. I’d definitely recommend doing this if you’re planning to use the countertops afterwards I’d definitely do this. You can buy several different kinds at your local hardwar/paint/craft store. You can brush, roll or spray a sealer/clear coat on as well. You’ll want several coats if you’re planning to use your countertops...possibly less or none if you’re trying to find a “quick fix”...about 20+ years ago with a spray paint called Fleck Stone...I’m not sure if they still make this brand of spray paint anymore but I DO know that they make the Rustoleum brand though!!!